What Distributions Are The Best Linux For Kids? – Basic guide

If you have wondered what distributions are the Linux best to be used by children? Well, in this article we will mention some of the best versions of this system that are a great opportunity for children’s learning. Each one integrates default applications in order to help with learning, we will delve into this below.

What elements should you keep in mind to make Linux more child-friendly?

For a system to be pleasing to the eye of a child and that awaken your curious side It must meet certain requirements and be built in a very specific way. This is why the most important points for a system to stand out from the rest, on the one hand, must be easy to understand and also fun. It is worth mentioning that if you want you can install more than one similar system on the same PC.

Easy to understand desktop

By this we mean that the desk must be a space simple, but at the same time striking that grabs anyone’s attention easily. This through bright and striking colors, but in turn have all the tools at hand so that in this way the child quickly learns what each of the icons means.

endless linux for kids

In most cases, educational applications and games are found in this section, so all it should be very intuitive and easy to understand for the infant. In these cases, the most important thing is to avoid systems that have the options very hidden or in which more than three steps are necessary to access them.

Fun to use Linux system

The other important aspect without a doubt is that it is a fun experience, although this does not seem very important at first glance, it is one of the most necessary factors. This is mainly due to the target audience, who are usually children who still cannot read or write. So the only way to guide themselves is through images.

In the same way, fun is essential for pre-installed apps that some systems bring. In the case of being applications created by the parent or teacher, they must meet the same requirements, with the advantage that these applications can be much more personalized.

What Linux distributions can you use to get kids started in the world of computing?

Today there is a wide variety of Linux distributions ready to be used by children, each with its strengths and weaknesses. In the vast majority of cases we speak of distributions that seek to be fully comprehensive and not only cover the world of computing, but also touch other educational areas such as sports, physics, mathematics and crafts. As a security measure, you can always enter the information commands in case you want to know the architecture of these systems.

ubermix linux logo

In this case we will mention three of the best systems that you can install to improve children’s learning and that in turn helps them to develop their mental capacities. These systems are compatible with other Linux apps like GIMP, which can help to create designs for apps.

Use the EndlessOS extension

EndlessOS is a Debian-based Linux system that seeks to provide a good experience especially to children of learning age. This making use of a large number of resources that make the system look very easy to use and understand, especially for the smallest of the house.

It is worth mentioning that this system also has implemented a creator of educational didactic games with all the necessary tools for parents or teachers to create different resources for children. This is achieved in a very simple way because most of the process is pre-designed.

With Sugarlabs

This system is another very interesting one, especially to be used in the classroomas it allows teachers to create personalized activities. This makes it very easy to integrate it into any area, including children who still cannot write or read, this system can be quickly downloaded from its official website.

best linux distributions

It is important to mention that this system can also be used at home since no special training is needed. The Sugar system can also be used without being connected to the internet, something to keep in mind especially since it is something intended for children.

Ubermix distribution

Finally one of the most comfortable systems in several ways, Ubermix It is the combination of an easy-to-use system that also has all the applications necessary for learning, installed natively in the operating system.

This system is quick to install and will only take a few minutes, at the end you will have a system ready to use with more than 50 educational applications that cover all areas of learning and that visually fall in love with any child so that they are encouraged to learn.