What are the differences between Waze and Google Maps in Android Auto? – Choose the best

Many choose to use Waze others prefer Google Maps when it comes to use a Routes and Maps App, and the truth is that these applications apart from being originally from Google have a lot in common as well as many differences.

If you consider a bit confusing the fact that both applications exist and belong to Google with very similar functions, here you will discover the existing differences and very marked that both Apps have and this will allow you to use the one that best suits your needs.

How are the Google Maps and Waze apps different?

In the case of Google Maps, it is designed to provide customers with the ease of locate exact addresses of different places for example food sales, it also offers us different options in routes so that we can travel through them both on foot and by public transport or bicycle. Providing us with an approximate distance, time as well as other data of interest.

waze app emblem

But if we talk about Waze its main attribute is to be a Social Network Crowdsourcing, while providing various indications of interest to drivers or drivers of vehicles. Where drivers can simultaneously provide information to other users about the outstanding events of the routes, which is very useful for them.

Design of the interface of both applications

In the design of the interface of both applications a marked difference is observedFor example, in Google Maps we see a Standard Interface of ‘Material You’ with a design concept that fits perfectly with the other applications designed by the company. On the other hand, in Waze we observe a design that many describe as childish but it is a personal design or, if you want, unique and very fun.

Waze It has the resemblance of a GPS Instead, Google Maps is more similar to the other applications previously designed by Google. So the Waze interface is common to the GPS used by navigators because it contains a lot of information, color, drawings, it is quite lively and colorful. We could compare the interface of both applications, as well as the fact that Google Maps is stately and very reserved, but Waze, on the other hand, is youthful, fun and relaxed.

pinpointing location on map with waze

When requesting information about speed cameras

If we need radar information near where we travel both applications provide it to us, for which we can activate some programming so that they notify us if we are approaching one, the two Apps are very effective in notifying us if we are close to running into a fixed Radar.

And if we refer to Radars in motion in the case of Waze, this can provide information that you already have previously stored. Likewise, Google Maps could give us information but not so quickly, the truth is that many times the difference between the two in terms of this is not so significant.

On the recommended routes to reach your location

At this point Google Maps has more advantageWell, although both applications offer us the possibility of moving from one point to another without going blind, Waze gives us information to do it in vehicles such as a motorcycle, or perhaps a taxi. Instead, Google Maps guides us to do it in any way, even if we do it on foot.

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The advantage of Waze is that it offers us the option of knowing even if we require fuel and it shows us the sites of the possible service stations to recharge it in case the vehicle requires it. Likewise, among the information that it provides us, it allows us to know the routes to avoid tolls, guiding us along the roads that are not complicated to travel or are in good condition.

Presented data of the searched places

Yes we are sure where we want to go both applications serve us, but not being sure of the exact place of our destination presents us with a marked difference between the two Apps.

Since Google Maps contains maps for navigation where we can locate ourselves, instead Waze is a ‘Navigation’ App itself, this shows us the marked contrast of both, here we see that Google Maps surpasses Waze again since it contains the information to present us with the places we are looking for.

In Google Maps we are shown all the information of the sites on the mapOn the other hand, in Waze we must have enthusiastic users willing to provide us with the required information. We could say that in Google Maps the location of the places we are looking for is already listed, including the reviews and photos of the sites, but in Waze we only have the skeleton of the information we require more to complete it, and that is where we need the others users to provide us with data.

Advertising displayed when using both services

It is a matter of taste and the truth is that between tastes there are no written regulations, the truth is that the advertising of both platforms is quite marked. A Google Maps chooses to be sober, simple and only allows us to change the model of the vehicle in a few designs, without a doubt there will be those who feel identified with it and of course prefer it.

locating places maps google maps

The other Waze maintains a more colorful style, fun and allows us to change our avatar in various animated designs so that it has more personality, so this feature and difference between the two is no reason to classify one better than the other because both have their advantages.

Which app will be the best to use on your Android Auto?

It would be difficult for you to decide which application will be the best to be used on your Android Auto since both have different advantages and approaches but similar functions since they mainly focus on location and navigation. Both are compatible with Android Auto so you could choose any. Analyze your needs and preferences and choose the one that suits you best. If you are looking for an App that helps you quickly reach your destination, I recommend Waze.