What are the causes of Waze ‘offline error’? – Effective solutions

It is true that Waze has become a very useful tool for all those people who see themselves on the need to constantly move from one place to another. But sometimes, as it can happen with any other application or program, it can present errors.

One of the most common in Waze is the ‘offline error’ that could appear at any time while trying to consult some information about the route. We invite you to continue reading this article and thus be able to discover what are the causes of the Waze offline error.

Why does the connection error occur on the Waze platform?

In any application, whatever the type, may present an error that prevents its use at certain times. In the case of Waze, which is an application that keeps its users informed in real time about how to avoid slow traffic, as well as any incident that could happen, it is inevitable that it will fail at some point.

For Waze to work properly there must be a stable connection at all times between the App and the servers to which the real-time information sent by the users of this App arrives. When the ‘offline error’ appears, its main cause is precisely related to said connection with the servers. That is to say that at a certain moment the App is not able to receive or send information through them since the connection has been interrupted.

waze app installed on a mobile

Of course this error could also be due to a failure to function on a global scale, this is something that has happened with other recognized applications such as WhatsApp or Facebook. Now, how do you know if the connection error that your Waze App presents at a certain moment is due to a global failure of it?

So that you can determine if the connection error is due to a worldwide failure that occurs at that moment, you can go to the Google search engine and request said information, it is possible to find it at that moment since there are certain web pages that I know dedicated to monitoring the global operation of this application. You can also obtain information through Twitter, one of the informative social networks in which any incident of this type that occurs quickly becomes a world trend, in said App.

How to solve the connection problem presented in Waze?

Knowing the possible causes that can cause this error in your Waze App, and once verified that it is not due to a global problem, it is time to talk to you about how can you fix the connection problem to present your App.

Verify that the internet network works on your cell phone

To be able to send and receive information from Waze, you must have a stable internet connection. For this reason, the first aspect that you should verify is if the mobile device where you have this application installed you have a problem that prevents you from connecting to the internet.

In order to verify this you should try to send an SMS from your cell phone or make a call, with this you will be able to see if the connection to your telephone network works or not. In case the call or text is not sent, you should check the settings of your device, to see if you have accidentally deactivated the telephone network of the device. If this is not the case, it may be because the place where you are does not have a good signal, so you should try to locate yourself where there is a good signal from your operator.

waze real time map in the car

Make sure you’ve turned on location

If your device the location option is not active, the Waze App will not be able to establish communication. For this reason, we recommend verifying that the location option is properly activated on your mobile device.

Clear Waze cache

Once verified that the telephone network is available, as well as the location permissions on your mobile are activated, it only remains delete Waze cache from your device. To do so you must go to its configuration, once there go to the Applications option, now locate Waze among the installed App, click on said App and select the option that indicates Delete cache or Delete cache as the case may be.

Reboot your device

If the problem persists after deleting the application cache on your mobile, it’s time to do a reset to your device, since it may be because your mobile has restricted the use of this App without realizing it. For this reason, we recommend restarting it quickly and re-entering the Waze App to check its operation.

waze app download from playstore

Reinstall the app and accept the permissions

It is possible that none of the recommended solutions so far have worked. In this case, the problem may be in the App itself installed on your mobile. So the last thing you could do is completely uninstall the Waze app of your device and proceed to download it again from the application store, preferably an official one, that is, in the case of Android it would be Google PlayStore or if it is iOS the App Store. Once downloaded, proceed to install it again, making sure that you grant the permissions required by the application.