Werkbalk favoriteren regende or hide in Microsoft Edge

The favorite toolbar in Microsoft Edge helps you to visit websites that you want to visit later. If you want to know how you can turn the favorite toolbar on or off, then read it in your article.

You can enable or disable the favorite toolbar in Microsoft Edge in three different ways. You can do this via the favorites button in the toolbar, via a key combination or via the settings.

Werkbalk favoriteren regende or hide in Microsoft Edge

Werkbalk favoriteren regenden via button

Open the Microsoft Edge browser. Click in the toolbar on the favorite icon. In the menu, click on the “more options” menu, recognizable by the three horizontal dots. After that, click on “Werkbalk favoriteren segenden”.

You can choose whether the werkbalk favorites are always displayed. Nooit weer te geven of alleen op nieuwe tabbladen.

Werkbalk show the favorites

Displaying the work bar favorite via the keyboard combination

Als u direct de favoriteren werkbalk wilt regenden o juist verbergen dan opent u Microsoft Edge. Then press the CTRL + SHIFT + B key combination. U ziet dat de favoriteren werkbalk nu ingeschakeld is, drukt u again dan is de favoriteren werkbalk weer uitgeschakeld.

The favorite toolbar in Microsoft Edge

Werkbalk favoriteren regenden via settings

The settings in Microsoft Edge offer a category “Uiterlijk”. In this category you can adjust the toolbar. In this setting, you can also switch the toolbar favorites on or off.

Up the Microsoft Edge browser. In the upper right corner click on the menu icon. In the menu, then click on Settings.

On the left side in the settings, you first clicked on “Uiterlijk”. In the chapter “workbar adjustment” you see the option “Werkbalk Favorieten regende”. Here you can choose whether you want to see the favorite toolbar always, noit or alleen op nieuwe tabbladen.

Changing the toolbar in Microsoft Edge

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