VMware Cloud Director, the solution to create your virtual datacenter

Today, virtualization is at the heart of business needs. It is an IT mechanism that promotes the simplification of the IT infrastructure. Indeed, physical data centers are limited by space and equipment. In order to overcome these constraints, virtual servers like VMWARE reduce the hardware investment while increasing the performance of the data system. Discover the innovative solution developed by IKOULA to deploy your data centers yourself.

Depending on the size and needs of a business, it can use part of a shared data center or create personal data centers. As such, VMWARE is an interesting solution that allows you to create several virtual machines and take control from a remote machine. All storage, compute or network data is then centralized in one place.

From now on, there is no need to use numerous physical infrastructures and deal with excessive consumption. The software allows strict consumption models to be defined. It will also be wise to associate it with your material resources to improve their performance.

The VMware Cloud Director solution is ideal for businesses looking to combine the performance of VMware with the flexibility of a private cloud. It allows the company to benefit from invoicing based on the resources used. It is able to offer consistent functionality and performance even under high demand.

With a series of elements focused on LDAP directory services, enterprises can maintain exclusive control over their data centers. They will quickly realize the transparency in the management of resources, which moreover represents an important criterion in the choice of a virtual data center solution.

The functionalities offered by the software

Apart from the possibility of creating private data centers, several people or groups of people will be able to use the resources. In fact, it is possible to separate the users and to allocate their own resources to them. To access it, all they need to do is go through an independent authentication service. The software also allows transfers between clouds thanks to vCloud API. In addition, all infrastructure services are quickly accessible. Their maintenance or repair are then easier and no longer a source of waste of time.

The software also integrates VxRail hyperconverged. It is an infrastructure layer that helps optimize management of all kinds of workloads, application and process lifecycles. Likewise, it allows the use of VSAN Ready Nodes, a solution that offers the advantage of having storage optimized for virtualization. Security, sharing, evolution and high performance are its main assets. Thus, it is possible to save on the total cost of ownership.

With VMware, companies have access to the vSphere hypervisor which also offers great cost control. To this is added NSX-T technology, a useful feature for virtualizing sets of IT techniques such as firewall, load balancer or even NAT. Finally, Full Flash Storage via SSD is ideal for managing big data. It is able to reduce latency times in order to increase the speed of data production and facilitate their administration.

Why choose VMware from IKOULA?

Today, it is essential for companies to choose solutions that eliminate wasted time in order to optimize productivity. VMware Cloud Director particularly meets this criterion thanks to its responsiveness, flexibility and ease of service deployment. It is also an important element in terms of outsourcing for better server management. Each company can make it their own completely because of the possibility of customization according to the needs. With the automation of tasks, using the software is really easy.

In addition, it is an excellent solution to reduce costs with the centralization of managed resources. It promotes the inclusion of several other secure clouds that can be easily managed within Cloud Director. The software therefore optimizes the IT structure of a company without sacrificing security. Indeed, all data is hosted in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR.

The solution is within the reach of all businesses. Before installation, you will need to think about how much storage space and performance you need. Then, it will be necessary to consider a complete audit of your information system to avoid errors and incompatibilities. To access the offer, all you have to do is request the product sheet by filling out a form provided for this purpose on the IKOULA site.

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