View battery remaining time in Windows 11

If you look in Windows 11 at the power of the remaining battery without the PC connected to the charger, you will see remaining battery percentage.

You can enter Windows 11 also set the remaining percentage, including the remaining time, to be displayed. This way you can see simply and quickly, by moving your mouse over the battery icon in the system box how much time is left for the current battery charge.

To view the remaining time of the current battery charge, you need to make an adjustment in the Windows registry. This is how it works.

View battery remaining time in Windows 11

To begin with open the Windows registry. In the Windows registry, open the following key:


Here you create three DWORD values ​​in the following way. Right-click on the free box on the right. In the menu, click New and then “DWORD (32-bit) value”.

Create new DWORD 32-bit value in the Windows registry

You create the following three values: “EnergyEstimationEnabled”, “EnergyEstimationDisabled”, and “UserBatteryDischargeEstimator”. If a value already exists, skip it.

Then just open the “EnergyEstimationEnabled” value by double-clicking it. You change the value data to “1” instead of “0” without quotes. The rest of the values ​​leave you for what they are, “0”.

Below you can see the result:

Show remaining battery time

Now restart your computer. After the restart, when you hover over the battery icon in the system box, you will see the remaining percentage and then the remaining time.

Remaining battery percentage

Please note that you will only see the remaining time if there is still little battery charge and that the laptop is not connected to the charger.

I hope you have helped with this. Thanks for reading!

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