verizon fios login pay bill-Verizon FiOS? Never heard this name before? No worries, we are here to provide a detailed and complete guide about the Verizon Fios login and configuration. But before doing that we must explain briefly, what exactly Verizon FiOS is. 

Verizon Fios is an advanced service of Verizon network. It is a combined service of internet access, telephone connectivity and television cable connection. The Verizon Fios is a rapidly increasing and wide-spreading service. Many people are frequently getting towards the Verizon FiOS due to its extraordinary expertise and capabilities.

verizon fios login

The Verizon Fios is a service pf Verizon which is supported by the fibre-optic cables. There is an extensive network of fibre optic cables which are capable to inter-link over 5 million customers in various parts of the united states. Now it may be easy to understand that Fios here, means fibre optic service. The fibre optic cables are thing tubing made up of glass or fibre plastic. These follow the procedure of total internal reflection to transmit data at very high speed without any loss, in the form of light. These cables are costly but in high demand in today’s era of fast technology.

The Fios services are usually operated in 5 states of united states under the banner of Verizon communication. Beyond that, the frontier communications provide service pf Fios with almost a similar infrastructure and services. The Verizon Fios services were initiated in 2005; the facilities were kept under expansion till 2010. But there are still various areas which cannot be reached due to the uncertain geographical location or harsh terrain or weather conditions of that area, as the fibre optic cables may be damaged.

There is some area where the Fios services are limited. For instance, some areas only receive internet access or television services through Verizon Fios. In some areas, Verizon Fios has limited services due to the limitations fixed in various franchise agreements.

There are easy steps and procedures to follow when it comes to the installation, set up, configuration and management of the Verizon Fios. In this article, we will guide you about these procedures in a friendly and easy way. Keep a hold on it.

Locate the IP address of your Verizon Fios router

After you install and connect the Verizon Fios device, you need to set up it and maintain the data and other information to initiate its operation. For this, you for that you need to know the IP address of the device. It may be familiar to some users, but for others, we have mentioned ways to locate the IP address of your device. 

Ideally, the IP address of the Verizon Fios home router is, but to stay on the safe side and avoid any inconvenience, check out the IP address of your Verizon Fios router.

Here are some easy and quick methods to find the IP address of your Verizon Fios router.

· Find a sticker pasted on the device. It has information about the device. This information contains

1. Device SSID

2. Device username (by default setup)

3. Device password (by default setup)

4. Device IP address

5. Device networking code

This information can be used to find the IP address of the Verizon Fios router.

  • If you can’t find the sticker or it is worn out, you can check the device box, and it also has the similar details mentioned on it. The quick installation guide manual and the user manual found inside the device box can also help to locate the IP address.
  • There is another simple way to find the IP address. Connect the network to your mobile phone using the default username and password. Follow the below procedure:
  • Mobile settings > networks and connections > Wi-Fi connection > connected network > more information > IP address.
  • In this way, you can locate the IP address of the Verizon Fios router.

Since, you know your IP address now, its time to log in to your Verizon Fios account.

Login to the Verizon Fios admin dashboard

To login into the Verizon Fios, you must have a device, a mobile phone or a personal computer. This device must be connected to the Verizon Fios internet connection. 

  1. Open the web browser on your cellphone or PC. Try to choose a standard browser to avoid the inconvenience of unavailability. 
  2. Enter the IP address you found earlier into the URL bar of the web browser and press “enter“.
  3. You will see that a login page has opened. This page has specified fields, and you have to provide the username and password of your Verizon Fios connection.
  4. Enter the username and password of the Verizon Fios connection. You can enter the default username and password if you are setting up the Verizon Fios network for the first time. The default login credentials for Verizon Fios routers are
  • admin admin
  • sure you have entered the correct credentials with case specifications and spacing. Press “Ok” when you are done.
  1. If you had entered the correct login credentials, Then you have successfully logged into the administration panel of the Verizon Fios router.

Now you may make any changes in the network configurations and manage the users through the administration panel. But remember, To enter the Verizon Fios administration panel you must be connected to the Verizon Fios internet access on the device you are using for the procedure. The IP address is not available otherwise.

You can use this dashboard to

  • Setup network connection
  • Manage users and time connections
  • Set network identity
  • Change username and password
  • Access device management
  • Obtain technical information about the device and assistance in troubleshooting
  • Attain the admin rights of the users.

Common login problems and its solutions

There is some common problem that the user might face while logging in to the Verizon Fios administration panel. You are advised to go through the following section in case you are facing any issue. As it is most possible that you are facing the same standard problem which another face. We have briefly described the most common questions and also mentioned some possible solutions to them.

The password is not working-my Verizon email login

A common issue that people face is that their password is not working. In this case, it might be possible that you have entered the Incorrect password. To tackle this issue,

  • Re-enter the password.
  • Check the case specification and spacing of the password.
  • You might have changed your password and entering the wrong one. Enter the new password.
  • If you are accessing the dashboard for the first time and the default password “admin” is not working, then it might be possible that your Verizon Fios home router doesn’t have “admin” as the default password. Search for the default password for your device by placing the model name in the google search engine. You may also seek the device box, information sticker and the user manual for the default password.

Verizon Fios Reset Forgot your password

It is another common issue faced by users. Is that they forget their password. It is quite common because, during the connection, the users don’t enter passwords each time they connect to the internet due to the save Wi-Fi password technology. But don’t worry if you have forgotten your password.

If you had bought the device on your own and installed it your self, then you must keep a record of your login credentials as it would be tough to recover the password otherwise. If you don’t remember your password, you must reset your Verizon Fios router to the factory default settings to improve the default password. This will lose all the settings and changes you had made into your network configuration.

If an internet service provider provides the router, they might have your username and password. In case, you forget your password, contact your internet service provider to recover your password. You may also reset the device for this purpose.

How to reset the Verizon Fios router 

If you want to reset your Verizon Fios Wi-Fi router to its factory default settings, or you forget your login credentials, then you are suggested to reset the router. In order o reset the router to the factory default settings, locate the reset button on your Verizon Fios router.

It usually presents at the back of the device.

  • Press and hold this button for at least 6 seconds to reset your device to the factory default settings.
  • Once done, your username or password will be set back to “admin” and “admin” again, or as the case may be.
  • Any other configurations you made would also be lost.


Verizon Fios is a combined service of internet, telephone and television. All of the three services are provided through a single Verizon Fios router. The internet is of high speed, with crystal transparent telephone service and HD television services. The Verizon Fios is a fast-spreading service in the united states with many people recommending it due to its convenient and quick services.

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