Veeam: file extensions

The solution of Veeam backup is becoming more and more popular. Basically to secure virtual environments VMware, then extended to physical servers, cloud hosting Office 365 Where Amazon AWS, and even at workstations. If the most advanced software is chargeable, there is also free Veeam in Community edition. Of course, full Veeam Backup & Replication or Veeam Availability Suite v10A suites are billed at full price, usually based on the number of machines to be backed up.

Veeam backups consist of multiple files. Some gigantic in size, some very small, but all of them are important in ensuring the integrity of a backup. This page describes file extensions used by Veeam and their purpose. If the backups have to be duplicated on a remote site, it will be advisable to copy all the files, regardless of their extension, as each file is important for a smooth recovery.

Extensions of Veeam backup files

  • vbk : full VM backup file
  • vib and vrb : incremental backup files
  • vbm : short for Veeam backup metadata, information about the backup job, the structure of associated files, restore points, etc.
  • vlb : Oracle and SQL Server transaction files
  • vom and vsm : metadata of Oracle and SQL Server transaction files
  • vsb : synthetic backup (Veeam synthetic backup)
  • vab : Oracle RMAN and SAP Hana backups

These files are located in the directory created for the backup. Whether in the name of the backup / replication job or the current date, Veeam B&R and Veeam AS store all these backup files within the folder in question. This makes it easier to manage storage and outsourcing to another medium or to a remote site, whether with the Veeam solution or with third-party backup or simple file copy software.

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