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For many years, Microsoft has provided service oriented for small businesses: Windows Live Admin Center. This service offers the possibility of using the Hotmail / Live / system with its own domain name, the equivalent of Google Apps.

Thus, for example, you will be able to allow users of your association to create “@” e-mail addresses while using the online messaging system: Other features are also accessible with a more advanced configuration (Skydrive among others).

The free version is limited to 50 accounts on your domain, you will have to pay if you want more mailboxes.

In this tutorial, we will see an example of configuring a Microsoft email domain with its own domain name. The MX server configuration was tested on a domain name purchased from OVH.

Update : it is no longer possible to manage a new domain for free by, Microsoft now requires a paid subscription on Office 365 (source).


1) Go to the internet address: and click on ” To start up “:

Domain live outlook

2) Indicate the domain name to use (knowing that it must be yours) then ” To continue “:

Choice domain mail

3) Check the data, fill in the catcha and click on ” I accept “:

Validate mail domain

4) Once the account is associated with your domain, it is necessary to configure your mail server (at the service provider who manages the domain name) with the information indicated:

Mail domain with outlook

Example configuration with OVH

1) Connect to the OVH Manager (the account management interface) then go to the domain name in question and click on ” Emails “:

OVH Mx custom

2) Select ” MX server “:

ovh mx server

3) ” Modification “:

ovh mx modification

4) In the drop-down list ” Configuration “And select” Personalized “:

ovh mx perso

5) Fill in the field Destination with the MX server that Microsoft indicates (see first part of the article, for example then click on ” To validate “:

ovh mx microsoft outlook

6) Validate by clicking on ” OK “:

ovh modifcation mx validation

7) The MX server is now configured with that of Microsoft:

mx ok

8) Wait a few moments, go back to: and do ” Refresh “:

Validate mx account

9) If the configuration is correct (if not wait a few minutes or see the OVH account in the event of an error):

Microsoft domain email Ok

Creation of an email account

Now that the mail server is correctly configured, it is possible to manually add users, click on ” Add«, The creation window (below) will be displayed, fill in the required fields then do ” OK “:

Create email account

The account has been created:email account

Connection attempt on (webmail): it works! account login

ok check account

It is of course possible to configure the Mail application Windows 8 or Windows Live Mail (also valid for older versions of Windows).

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