USB port that does not work on Acer Aspire, what to do?

You have noticed that a USB port is not working on your Acer Aspire, and you would like to know what to do to to solve this malfunction? Indeed, USB sockets are used more and more because they are standards. In this way, it is possible to use it for plug in a mouse. But also for charge your equipment like your smartphone, a Bluetooth audio headset, a watch … Otherwise, they are also used adapter for an HDMI socket for example. Therefore, if this USB port no longer detects any element, you will be restricted fairly quickly. This is why in this article we will guide you to solve this malfunction by offering you simple procedures to perform. But first, we will help you understand for what reason it no longer works.


Understand why the USB port no longer works on your Acer Aspire:

USB controller driver malfunction on your Acer Aspire:

Know that the USB ports of your Acer Aspire are devices. It means that to walk suitably, they need a dedicated program. The latter is called the driver. It offers the possibility to the component to exchange and interpret information with the Windows 10 OS. But if this program is not updated, this generates execution errors. As a result, you may find that objects plugged in via a USB port are no longer detected by W10.

If you want to solve this, sometimes it is enough to update your Acer Aspire. But, if that is not enough. It will be necessary update the USB controller through Device Manager. We will detail each procedure right after in this article.

A hardware fault causing the malfunction of the USB port on your Acer Aspire:

It is also possible that it is a dysfunction generated by the equipment you connect to your computer. For example: when you observe that you have a problem with the mouse of your Acer Aspire, this could be caused by the device and not by USB port malfunction.

In order to rule out this hypothesis. We suggest you to check all USB ports using at least 2 different devices such as the mouse and the smartphone. Sometimes it happens that cables of these are worn out. Therefore, you can have false contacts.

Repair a non-working USB port on an Acer Aspire:

Update your Acer Aspire:

Restart your Acer Aspire in order to resolve a USB port malfunction:

You can first restart your Acer Aspire. We also recommend you upstream remove all equipment plugged into the USB ports. Indeed, it often happens that corrects this kind of malfunction. Especially if you turn on your computer regularly Standby without turning it off and restarting it. This is explained because during the restarting a computer, he will reset, analyze system files and install updates.

Start updating your Acer Aspire via Windows Update:

You can also use Windows Update to start the update. To do this, you must access the Windows settings by pressing the toothed wheel in the menu To start up. Then choose the section “Update and security”. In the subsection ” Windows Update “, click on “Check for updates”.

If it fails to download. This is probably because your RAM is full. Therefore, you do not have enough room for the installation. In this case, we suggest that you consult the following article in order to know how to recover memory space on your Acer Aspire : How do I clean my Acer Aspire?

Update the driver for the USB controller through Device Manager on your Acer Aspire:

  1. Open the Device Manager. For this you must realize right click on the menu To start up and choose it.
  2. Then find the section “USB bus controllers”.
  3. Double click on one of the USB devices to open the window of properties.
  4. And go to the subsection “Pilot”.
  5. Tap the option “Update the driver”.
  6. To finish select “Automatically search for drivers”.
  7. These steps will have to be carried out for each device of the USB controller.

Configure the USB port of your Acer Aspire:

  1. Access to Windows 10 settings.
  2. Select ” Peripheral devices “.
  3. Then click on the sub-section “USB”.
  4. We recommend that you activate “Notify me if there is a problem connecting to USB devices.”
  5. However, you can deselect “Turn off devices when my screen is off to save battery.”

To conclude: When you have a USB port that does not work on your Acer Aspire. You will first need to update the operating system. For this, we advise you to restart your computer. Otherwise, it will take install the update via Windows Update. If that didn’t work, you can update the driver through the W10 Device Manager. On the other hand, when the malfunction is located on a single USB socket. It could also be a question a material defect and in this case it will be necessary to contact a repairer. However, if the malfunction persists. Do not hesitate to contact Microsoft support.

If you want more information on your Acer Aspire, we invite you to consult the other articles in the category: Acer Aspire.

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