USB formatter to NTFS in Windows 10 or Windows 11 (Guide)

Het the formatter van een USB stick of external hard drive is something most computer users don’t think about. That’s because most discs are ready-to-format and ready for daily use.

Er can ekter een moment komen dat u alle gegevens op uw USB volleyd moet wissenor that you must make the disk compatible with another type of computer than for which it has already been formatted.

The format is the process by which a storage device, such as a hard drive, external hard drive, SSD or USB device is prepared to store information. Het creëert een bestandsysteem dat uw gegevens orden en u in staat stelt de ruimte voor uw bestanden te maximiseren. It is usual to format a disk when a new operating system is used or when extra space is needed.

U kunt een apparaat formateren in verschiedelden bestandssystemen. In your article you read how to format a USB to the most common NTFS file system for Windows. If you use the USB on a Mac, then the Mac can read the NTFS file system alone.

The USB formatter to NTFS in Windows 10 or Windows 11

To begin, place the USB stick or external hard drive in the USB port of the computer. Ensure that the USB is recognized by Windows.

This can be checked by opening the Windows verkenner. After clicking on the left link “This PC” a check if the USB device is visible and a disk letter has been attached.

Then right-click on the USB. In the menu click on “Formatter”.

The USB formatter

Select the file system “NTFS”. The cluster size is determined by the total capacity of the USB itself by Windows. Then enter a clearly recognizable volume name.

You can choose whether to use the quick format or the full format. Als u voledlig want the formatter, then switch off the fast formatter.

With een snelformatteren, you can overwrite all the files on the USB, but they are not fully erased; With the right software, the old stock can be restored. In Windows, you have the option of quickly formatting a disk in the FAT or NTFS file system.

Click on Start als u klaar bent om de USB te formatteren met het NTFS bestanssysteem.

The USB formatter als NTFS file system

If you format the disk, all data on the disk will be lost. Click on OK if you want to format the disk or on Cancel if you want to cancel the format.

Message voordt u gaat the formatter

The time to format the USB as NTFS depended on the data and the total capacity. Als het formatteren klaar is ziet u de “Het formatteren is komplekt” bericht. U kunt de USB nu uitwerpen en umweer gebruiken.

The formatter is complete

I hope this helped me. Thank you for reading!

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