Updates are always inconvenient: Windows 11 tackles this problem

Updates are always inconvenient: Windows 11 tackles this problem
Image via Microsoft

Have you just been busy, you suddenly have to run an update. Updates almost always come inconvenient, but Windows 11 addresses this.

Hard at work writing a good letter or doing homework. Suddenly there is an update that you ‘must’ run. You can procrastinate, but you have to do it anyway. Your computer really needs it to keep working properly.

Update in Windows 11

Every operating system needs an update every now and then. We cannot escape that, even with the latest version of Windows. Microsoft will tackle this problem, the operating system will indicate how much time the update will take. This allows you to better take it into account. Handy yes! Problem completely solved? Not really.

Windows Insiders discovered this this week. They could already get started with an early version of Windows 11. When an update has been downloaded, Windows itself indicates that the PC must be restarted to complete the update. With the new version of the system, there will be a time indication. In the example below, that is something like 5 minutes. You can also find this at the on/off button in the start menu.

Image via ghacks


At least you know how long your PC can’t be used. It is, however, an estimate. And there are quite a few questions about that, because how precise is this prediction? That remains to be seen when many people start using Windows 11 and have to do an update.

In any case, Microsoft indicates that updates for Windows 11 will be significantly smaller. Up to 40 percent smaller than that for Windows 10, which is very nice. Therefore, it will also take shorter. Presumably the major updates will come every six months, we are already familiar with the older versions. You can postpone this for one year.