Update to macOS Sierra 10.12

After Mac OS X and just OS X, macOS Sierra is the new generation of Apple computer operating system: iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Mini and Macbook (Air / Pro). This version 10.12 therefore follows on from El Capitan, the mythical rock of Yosemite Park, with the Sierra Nevada as its reference, this chain of snow-capped mountains in eastern California.

We have already listed the new features brought by macOS Sierra (and by iOS10). Available since September 20, 2016, macOS Sierra is compatible with many Apple machines.

Important point : the update is free.

Prerequisites to install macOS Sierra

The following Apple computers are compatible with macOS Sierra:

  • MacBook (from the end of 2009)
  • Macbook Pro (mid 2010 or newer)
  • Macbook Air (after end of 2010)
  • iMac (from the end of 2009)
  • Mac Pro (model sold after mid-2010)
  • mac mini (mid 2010 or newer)

Apple requires a minimum of 2GB of RAM but 4GB of RAM is recommended, or even 8GB to benefit from a fluid system. Come take a ride on the forum for advice on theadding ram to a mac.

You will also need to have 10GB of free space on their hard drive. Here too, a upgrade with an SSD disk is recommended for the best possible performance, a useful change even on an iMac or Macbook a few years old, otherwise the system will be slow to use.

For the update, the Mac computer or laptop must have a system OS X Lion version 10.7.5 or newer. If Snow Leopard (10.6.8) is installed on your machine, you will first need to upgrade to El Capitan (10.11).

Use a fast internet connection to download the update and allow time without having to use the computer (while the upgrade is done).

A backing up personal files is recommended, whether with TimeMachinea cloud or other means.

Check Mac configuration

1. Open menu Apple and go to ” About this Mac » :

OSX macOS About this Mac About

2. Check the current system versionI’year of the machine and the quantity of memory installed (RAM).

OSX tutorial macOS El Capitan about about hard drive

3. The ” Storage » displays the amount ofremaining free space on hard drive from the Mac.

OSX tutorial macOS Sierra about about hard drive

4. Once the prerequisites are confirmed, go to the macOS Sierra download step.

Download the macOS Sierra update

1. Open Menu Apple and go on App Store.

OSX macOS AppStore App Store download

2. Either an update is available or the app “ macOS Sierra is displayed in the list.

tutorial OSX macOS Sierra download update

3. Click on “ To download to start the update process.

tutorial OSX macOS Sierra download update

tutorial OSX macOS Sierra download update

Install macOS Sierra

1. After downloading the update, a screen starts installing macOS Sierra. Close all open programs before starting the system update.

tutorial OSX macOS Sierra download update

2. Accept the terms of the license agreement.

3. Validate that macOS Sierra will be installed on the correct hard drive (Macintosh HD for example) and click on the arrow “ Install ” to start.

4. Confirm the update indicating the password of the session.

5. The macOS Sierra installation starts with a countdown before rebooting and continuing its work.

tutorial OSX macOS Sierra download update

6. Coming from OS X El Capitan 10.11, there are no new questions about new permissions to give. With an initial installation or an upgrade from an older version, the assistant can ask for the connection to the Apple account, authorize the location of the machine (useful for a Macbook), use iCloud, etc.

7. The return to the Desktop means that the machine is ready to use, with the new macOS.

8. Return to the menu Apple and About this Mac to check the installed version.

OSX tutorial macOS Sierra about about