Unsubscribe from Celside and Hubside: Fnac’s cheat insurance

How to unsubscribe from Celside and Hubside

Have you bought a mobile through Fnac? If so, pay attention to this information, you could be a victim of a scam. When you buy at Fnac you have the option to take out multimedia insurance and, if you do, that’s when the headaches start.

The Celside insurance company, associated with Fnac, offers you a subscription promotion to its services that includes (pay close attention to this) one month free on a website hosting service, Hubside. If after the trial period you are not satisfied with the service, you can unsubscribe without any problem. Or that’s what should happen.

The reality is different, there are hundreds if not thousands of users who have complained through different channels about problems with Celside + Hubside insurance. Problems that can easily be considered a form of scam. Starting with early charges and the almost impossible it is to unsubscribe from Fnac’s poisoned insurance. But don’t worry, here we explain how to get rid of them.

How to unsubscribe from Celside and Hubside?

Taking out Celside insurance together with the Hubside Trojan horse is not mandatory. If you have come this far before hiring this service, you are already forewarned. Otherwise, you can follow the advice of several users who have already had to go through this odyssey and have succeeded:

  • To get started, you should know that Hubside is an independent company from Celside, which means that even if you cancel the insurance subscription, you will still be affiliated with the web hosting service.
  • For unsubscribe from Hubside you must write or call them. On the official Hubside page you have the contact information.
  • It is likely that they will answer you with that They cannot attend to your request at the moment because the servers are down.
  • If you can’t unsubscribe, write them again, make the formal complaint and expose your case in the RRSS like Twitter.

The key to getting out of this mess is pressure, denounce and do not give up. From Hubside, according to several sources, they will not stop stating that their servers are down, something ironic coming from a company whose service is precisely the hosting of web pages. Worse still, if all the reports are correct, Hubside has been down for months, something quite suspicious.

Is Hubside a scam?

unsubscribe from hubside scam

In essence, this service does not fully function as a scam, as they do offer what they promote. But nevertheless, it is in bad practices where the problem lies. Offering insurance without making clear what the conditions are, almost coercing the user to purchase an extra service together with the insurance, on something that has nothing to do with what I buy, and not delimiting the terms of the contract are more than enough reasons to consider it a fraud. A rather subtle and ingenious one, yes.

In this case, beyond the legal paraphernalia with which both Fnac and Celside can cover their backs, it is clear that Hubside (under the complacent gaze of Fnac) play customer wear. If you do not insist enough, you will not be able to unsubscribe and they will continue to charge you a debt for a service that you do not need and that you never asked for.

There are already thousands of complaints and reports against this abusive practice. And while justice comes, We can only recommend that you be very attentive to what you do and stop doing on the web, there are always those who seek to take advantage of others, And in the most creative ways possible!