Uninstall a Windows update

Because of a problem, to go back or for a test, you may want to uninstall a Windows update. This concerns the fixes of Windows Update, the installation of a Service pack Windows or Office, a browser version Internet Explorer.

This tutorial is for people who really need to remove a Windows update, it is not recommended to do it without good reason.

Uninstall a Windows Update or Service Pack

1. Open the Control Panel, Programs and Features.
With Windows 8.1: right click on the Windows button on the Desktop, Programs and Features.

2. On the left, click on ” View installed updates “.

Windows update update uninstall tutorial

3. Select update in question and click on the button ” Uninstall To start the program removal.

Windows update update uninstall tutorial

4. A confirmation is requested.

Windows update update uninstall tutorial

5. Uninstallation may take a few minutes if it is large (Service pack for example) and ask to restart the computer if necessary.

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