Uninstall a Windows update on Windows and Windows Server

The Windows operating system updates are very important because they keep your computer safe.

Indeed Microsoft regularly offers updates through its service “Windows Update“.

Those updates are usually referred to as ‘KB’ (Knowledge Base) or knowledge base.

However, sometimes some software no longer works when an update is installed. A few months ago I even wrote a procedure to uninstall a update that causes an error for the Backup Exec backup software

For this kind of case there is not too much choice, you must uninstall the update concerned.

The tutorial offers you two methods to remove Windows updates on Windows 10, Windows 7, and Windows 8.1 operating systems.

Uninstall an update from the command line

A practical solution is the command line via the tool Powershell. First of all, we must know the name of the update precisely.

An update uninstall also corresponds to remove a windows update.

To run the following commands, you must open a Powershell command window as administrator

powershell in administrator mode

You can also remove an update using command prompt (cmd)

The orders will be identical.

The updates are thus uninstalled manually.

Find the full name of the update

List packages

You do not know the KB to uninstall? Do you need more information? then you have to enter the following command

dism /online /get-packages
dsim packages
here is the list of Windows updates

If you know the KB number, enter the following command:

dism /online /get-packages | findstr numeroKB

Replace KBnumber with the KB number to accurately identify the package.

powershell search KB Windows
KB search example

Uninstall the update

Once the package has been identified, we can uninstall the update concerned:

dism /Online /remove-package /packagename:Package_for_KB4593175~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~ /norestart

You must replace the name package with the one corresponding to your KB.

uninstall KB in powershell
Our command uninstalls the KB without restarting the computer.

Well done you removed a Windows update from the command prompt

The above commands also work for uninstall Windows 7 updates

Uninstall a Windows update from the GUI

Command line uninstallation can be very convenient, but here’s how uninstall a Windows update from a graphical interface.

Updates are visible in programs and features

To quickly access it, do Windows + R and type in the window appwiz.cpl


We then arrive in the “programs and features” menu

programs and functions menus

Click on “Show installed updates” to list the KB installed on the computer.

updates installed on Windows

Then you can choose the update then click on uninstall in order to remove the update.

Be careful to uninstall the updates the Windows Update service must be started.

windows update service

Uninstall an update via Windows Update Minitool

There is a tool to manage Windows updates called Windows Update Minitool (WUMT)

It is very convenient to manually download some updates, especially on Windows 10.

In addition we can also block Windows updates! and remove multiple updates at once.

uninstall wumt update
Click on the update then click on the recycle bin to uninstall a KB.

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