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Call the number of Uber Eats phone in the United States, 24-hour customer service phone for complaints and claims, the Uber Eats APP service, customer service, and restaurants.

Also to register as a restaurant, help the user, uber eats requirements, how much does an Uber Eats earn in the USA, suggestions and cHow Uber Eats USA works. On the other hand, the company has other channels in case of not being able to communicate on the customer service line.

Below are the social media links and website of Uber Eats in USA. You can also find phone numbers, office addresses, technical assistance for the APP and other information about the company.

Uber Eats is an app from the Uber company that provides food delivery service in different locations, whether you want to order breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack, Uber Eats makes it easy to discover new and nearby places to eat in the United States. Browse tons of food delivery options, order and track by the minute.

Uber Eats United States phone

You can dial the number of Uber Eats US customer service: 1-866-576-1039, to inquire about the services it offers, App advice, job offers, speak with an Uber advisor for complaints and claims, among other options. If you are outside the US, you can dial the international line in Spanish (415) 801-4068.

Uber Eats United States requirements

The process to be part of our community as a Delivery Partner is very simple. First we have to make sure that you meet certain requirements to deliver with Uber Eats:

  • Have a vehicle: car, motorcycle or bicycle. Whatever type of vehicle you will drive, you must have an official ID with CURP (passport is not accepted). In the case of motorcycles and cars, you must have a valid driver’s license and vehicle registration card.
  • Be of age (18 years old).
  • Have a smart cell phone where you can download the Uber app for delivery partners.

If you meet the above requirements, the next step will be Sign up. To do this, you must tell us:

  • Your email address.
  • Your name and last name.
  • Your personal cell phone number.
  • A password (do not forget to memorize it or write it down, as it will be with which you will have access to your profile later on.
  • The city you live in.
  • Invitation code (this is optional).

In addition to the web, it is also possible to register from the Uber Driver application, which will be essential to distribute with Uber Eats. You can download Uber Driver on your cell phone, either Android or IOS.

How much does an Uber Eats make in the United States?

Uber Eats cyclists earn for each order they make, each trip made depends on the following factors: picking up the order, delivering it, and the distance between the restaurant and the customer.

That is, the cyclist earns according to the hours he works, the number of orders he makes and the distance between them, how short or long the route is. The commission percentage is 35% on bicycles, 30% on motorcycles and 25% on cars.

Uber Eats applies a rate to the order value, which discounts that 35% depending on the means of transport, which in this case is a bicycle.

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