Tweek, the minimalist calendar to organize your week’s tasks

Be productive with Tweek minimal calendar

When you want to be productive, you are surely looking for an Android app to help you achieve it. The problem arises because there are too many options on Google Play, How can you know which one to choose? Although we have already created an article with 3 apps to be more productive, we also understand that some of them can be difficult to handle. For this reason Today we will talk about Tweek, the minimalist calendar with which you can organize your tasks for the week.

What is Tweek and what functions does this calendar have?

Tweek the minimalist calendar

Tweek is a calendar app characterized by its minimalism that is available on Android, iOS and has a web version. This tool allows you to make a list of tasks and organize them for a week. This way you can plan your week to stay focused, focused and increase your productivity.

This app is not structured by hours and only has one template for you to organize your tasks per week. Tweek allows you to manage your projects in real time and add different colors to your tasks. It also allows you to print your weekly calendars so that you can share them with your work team, stick them on the wall or finish structuring them with pencil and markers.

In Tweek you can also sync the app with your favorite calendars, share your read-only calendars and share them to work between several people. This platform It has a free version and a subscription version. It depends on which one you have, you can access functions such as the notepad, collaborate with more than 3 people, set reminders and create checklists.

How can you use Tweek?

Tweek the minimalist weekly calendar

This app is for you if you provide a service and need to share your agenda. If you collaborate on a project with more people and you want to organize your weekly tasks to achieve your goals. It is also useful if you want to organize the tasks of the different projects you handle. Tweek will help you organize almost any project you have.

Tweek Calendar - To Do Lists

In Tweek you will be able to organize your work flow and the tasks that you must carry out during the week. It also allows you to add a description to each task to better understand what it is about. To be more organized and productive, we leave you another contribution: the 5 best calendar and organization apps for Android.