Tutorial: Hiding Simple Files on a Mac

Do you have certain files that you prefer to hide from fellow Mac users? Then you can use these instructions to easily hide these files with a password and the strong AES-256 encryption. AES-256 is not cracked, your files are completely protected from unwanted access by MacPaw’s Hider.

Hide files on a Mac

MacPaw has designed a handy tool called Hider 2. In this tutorial, I’ll step by step explain how to hide files on a Mac with MacPaw’s Hider 2. We’ll start by downloading and installing Hider for Mac.

hider 2 for mac
Download Hider for Mac OS

After downloading Hider for Mac, you need to install Hider first. This is very simple, yet I explain it in this instruction. Anyone can do it!

hider install mac

Drag MacPaw Hider 2 to your Mac’s Application folder.

Hide files on mac with hider macpaw

Select MacPaw Hider 2 from the list of Applications on your Mac. Start Hider.

hider message mac os

When you are notified that MacPaw Hider has been downloaded from the Internet and / or you want to allow this application to open, select Open.

hider password

Enter a password, and a password recovery question. Then make a new safe.

hider 2 register

Register Hider to create a free 15-day trial license. Then click on Start Trial. You now have a free trial license.

hide files on mac

Drag files you want to protect or hide in the Hider window. You can also use the plus sign at the bottom left.

files hidden with macpaw hider 2 for mac os

After you import a file into MacPaw Hider, the file is protected and no longer visible in macOS. Hider has it file now hidden in the safe that is only available with the password that you previously entered during installation. The file you have chosen to hide is no longer visible in the original location where it used to be on your mac. If a file was in documents, for example, it is no longer there. The file is now in the Hider safe.

hide hider 2 files on a mac

However, to make the file visible again, click next to the file or files visible.

When you’re done hiding files on your Mac with Hider, click Lock Hider at the top left. Hider then locks in, and no one can access it without the password. However, it is advisable to save the password you created in your Mac’s KeyChain. If you forget the password, you can find it there again. Without a password, you will no longer be able to access the files you hid in Hider 2!

lock hider 2 for mac

Hidden files become coded met behelp of het AES 256 algorithm one moved when the Hider safe, made door Hider 2. Als the files derived are of uw local disk, become ze stored in one local safe up uw hard disk, so not on a company server. If you hide files on an external disk, a secure safe is created on that drive and the files are moved there.

It’s not possible to hide applications with Hider for Mac. With Hider 2 you can only hide file type files, think of images, documents, xml files etc.

hider 2 close mac os

When you’re done, you can shut down Hider. If Hider indicates that files are still visible, select Hide and Quit.