TSMC sweeps a net profit of nearly 200 billion baht in Q3 2021, and aims to invest 1.4 trillion baht to solve the chip shortage problem.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. or TSMC, one of the companies The world’s largest manufacturer of chipsets and microprocessors. It has released its third-quarter 2021 earnings results that beat analysts’ expectations. Sweeps a net profit of $6.01 billion, or about 199 billion baht, a 24.1% improvement in earnings compared to the same period of 2020, with a target of further investment of $44 billion, or about 1.4 trillion baht to increase production capacity Hope to solve the problem of chipset shortage that is currently a problem in the IT industry.

After announcing the net profit or Net Profit of nearly 200 billion baht, the company’s value of TSMC jumped to 616 billion US dollars, or about 20 trillion baht.

If anyone still doesn’t know Customers who come to Zhanwan let TSMC produce chipsets for them. Considered to be the number one in the industry, whether it’s Apple, Qualcomm or even Samsung and Intel, although they have their own chipset factories. But they came to use the services of the company. From Taiwan as well, currently TSMC has trialed some trial production of chipsets based on the 3nm architecture.

TSMC also shrugged off concerns about future chipset oversupply issues. Because there is still a market for cars and electric cars that are hot. Keep calling for those chipsets.