Troubleshoot Adobe Illustrator 2019 and Windows 10 issue

Can’t open Adobe Illustrator software? Suddenly stuck when everything was fine yesterday or a few days ago? So what happened to cause the vector graphics software to stop working, all of a sudden and without an explanation? And it is not the Windows crash report which is very explicit and which makes it possible to find a positive outcome to this crash. Sending a problem report to Microsoft may not resolve your problem within hours. This tutorial explains why Illustrator crashes and gives a solution to make Adobe Illustrator 2019/2020 work with Windows 10.

Adobe Illustrator 2019 error message on Windows 10

We open the Adobe Illustrator software and boom:

Windows 10 Adobe Illustrator 2019 error

Explanation of Illustrator crash

Creative Cloud 2019 apps are compatible with Windows 7, Windows 10, and macOS Sierra 10.12 or later (10.13, 10.14, 10.15). The 2019 versions of digital video products require the latest versions of Windows 10 and macOS Sierra or later. Windows 8.1 or earlier versions of Windows 10 are not supported.

Behind this meager explanation from Adobe concerning the Microsoft OS, since “Windows 10” is not enough to identify the exact version of the system update. But we have a clue to understand that if the computer does not have a very recent version of W10, Adobe CC software may not work. And no need for crack or forbidden hack.

Adobe illustrator crash report solution

We find the solution in an Adobe helpx KB: “Creative Cloud 2020 applications require Windows 10 v1809 or a later version” and we transpose it to the 2019 version.

The solution more or less recommended by Adobe, but which works on four cases encountered: updating Windows to its latest version, namely the 1903 May 2019 Update (as of October 2019). Because there is a good chance that your computer is equipped with Windows 10 version 1703, 1709 or 1803. The update 1809 is compatible but you might as well install the latest edition of W10.

To do this, follow this tutorial to force Windows 10 update 1903.

After downloading and installing the components, Illustrator 2019/2020 will once again be able to open correctly and without errors!

Desktop Desktop Windows 10 1903 1905 May 2019 Update

It remains to be understood why Illustrator crashes and not Photoshop or InDesign!

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