Translator Glasses… Google shows AR Glasses with subtitles to read. Can translate both spoken language and sign language.

This year’s Google I/O event is very hard. called the whole lap Especially in the matter of technology, the development of AI and ML systems to help reduce the gap in communication or access information more conveniently. And one of them also has a new piece of hardware, Smart Glasses, glasses that can translate languages ​​into captions for us to read immediately.

There has never been a time at an I/O event where Google has released this much hardware before, including the Pixel 6a that came as a surprise. And more and more surprises with Pixel 7 / 7 Pro do not stop with Pixel Watch and Pixel Tablet, although many pieces will be launched and actually sold, maybe several months. But it is considered to be the opening of this year’s product list in a raised panel (Oh, except for tablets. see that you have to wait for 2023)

Sundar Pichai At the end of the event, the CEO of Google said: Language is the key thing we use to communicate. And connected to a smartphone with Google Translate, it has already served to some extent. But would it be better? If during the conversation It doesn’t have to be an intermediary. or look blocked Therefore, glasses were developed. AR Glasses that supports translation in itself

The video tells the story of a daughter who speaks only English. And mothers who speak only Chinese, which AR glasses can come in as an intermediary for daughters to instantly understand what mothers want to talk about. through the letters that appear like having subtitles Or caption the language that we want to translate immediately like in a movie theater or YouTube

In addition to the glasses being able to translate the language it understands into text for us to read easily through the AR system, it is also designed to understand sign language or signed language as well. Accessibility comes in as well.

Unfortunately, Google hasn’t stated at what stage the AR Glasses are in development. And when will we see this product released?

source : google