Touchpad problem on Acer Aspire, what to do?

The touchpad of your Acer Aspire no longer works, therefore you want know the method to fix this problem? Indeed, it can happen that the touchpad also named touchpad se blocked. However, it is not always a question of an anomaly. To help you understand your concern. At first, we will show you the procedure to configure it. This way we will detail you the method to activate and deactivate it on your Acer Aspire. Then we will show you the solution for to fix a software malfunction the touchpad on your Acer Aspire.


How to configure the touchpad of your Acer Aspire?

When you notice that the touchpad of your Acer Aspire no longer works. It is possible that it is simply a question from a bad configuration. Indeed, because of the dedicated keys, it can quickly happen to inadvertently mishandle. The good news is that you can fix this very easily.

In this way, to bring you the best recommendations. On this part, we will first tell you how to activate and deactivate it. Then we will show you the method to access its configurations. This will allow you to know the different settings achievable. Then to them switch if necessary on your Acer Aspire so that they correspond to your requirements.

Activate and deactivate the touchpad of an Acer Aspire:

When it comes to laptops like your Acer Aspire, it is necessary to be able to activate and deactivate the touchpad. This feature is very useful when you have connected a mouse to your computer. In this way, you will have the possibility of deactivating the touchpad in order to rule out certain unexpected behavior vis-à-vis the mouse.

However, you will see from this article that you can activate and deactivate on your Acer Aspire via the Parameters W10. The advantage is that you will have access to a screen with all the configurations. This will allow you to have an activation or deactivation display. But, for this you will have to carry out several steps.

You should know that you also have a dedicated key, which will allow you to do it in one click. This is found within the Fn function keys of your Acer Aspire. As a rule, the icon is sufficiently intuitive and recognizable. It will simply suffice to press on the latter so as to activate and deactivate the touchpad. As soon as you do this, you will see the icon appear temporarily at the top of the screen. In the event that it has a crossed out sign, this indicates that it is disabled. Otherwise, it mentions its activation.

Open touchpad settings on an Acer Aspire:

  1. If you want to go to the W10 parameters, you have to click on the toothed wheel in the menu To start up.
  2. Subsequently, you will have to choose the section ” Peripheral devices “.
  3. Within it, click on the tab ” Touchpad “.
  4. On this screen, you will be able to activate and deactivate the touchpad of your Acer Aspire. And you can also access all the others settings.
    1. In particular, you will be able to adjust cursor speed with the touchpad.
    2. As well as choose a level of sensitivity appropriate.
    3. Then you can consult the different gestures configured on your touchpad. For example, if you want to know how to make right click, zoom in, switch to another application …

Solve a problem with the touchpad of your Acer Aspire:

Understanding how the touchpad works on an Acer Aspire:

As for a keyboard problem on your Acer Aspire, when your malfunction is not the result of an error in the parameters. In this case, it will generally be a question of a concern of updating your touchpad driver.

Indeed, the assembly of a Pc is carried out on a motherboard on which will be installed a set of peripheral devices. In this way, the hard drive, the processor, but also the keyboard, the touchpad… turn out to be peripherals. The latter have a language of their own. Therefore, so that he can interact with your Windows OS. You need to have a program which translates the information. It is the role of the pilot.

However, the latter is not always updated properly. So it creates incompatibilities. However it is very easy to correct this malfunction. We will detail the steps below.

Update the touchpad driver on your Acer Aspire:

  1. Go to Device Manager. To do this, you can use the shortcut keys Windows + X and select it from the context menu.
  2. Within the list, find the section “Mice and other pointing devices”.
  3. Click on it to expand it.
  4. Then perform right click on the touchpad device.
    • You may have two devices in this section if you have connected a mouse on your Acer Aspire. Don’t worry you can update the two components. It will only benefit you. In particular, you may correct a mouse problem on your Acer Aspire.
  5. And select “Update the driver”.
  6. Finally you will have to choose: “Automatically search for drivers”.

In conclusion: when you meet a touchpad problem on your Acer Aspire. It could be two things. Either the latter was disabled without realizing it using a shortcut key. Otherwise, the touchpad driver is probably not updated. For both cases, it will be very easy remedy it. If your concern remains, do not hesitate to contact Microsoft support.

If you want more information on your Acer Aspire, you can read the tutorials in the category: Acer Aspire.

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