Top 7 Best Free Sleep Recorder Apps

free sleep recording and analysis apps

A good night’s sleep leads to better productivity throughout the day. The paradox being that most daily hassles hinder the ability to fall asleep peacefully without constraint. However, a nap from time to time or a beautiful night full of beautiful dreams is essential for our health. Are you unable to reach the minimum hours of sleep required? No need to panic! Sleep recording apps fully solve this situation. Even better, when you have an idea of ​​the best ones, you benefit from them for free. Here are the best tools for you that can help control your rest time and track your sleep.

1- Sleep better Runtastic

Sleep better Runtastic free sleep recording apps

The purpose of using a sleep analysis application is to find the favorable hours. With this in mind, Sleep Better Runtastic offers a wide range of optimal time frames for your body. You will then only have to follow the suggested timetable according to your availability and your personal efforts. Indeed, it is based on an in-depth study of previous periodicities subject to registration to locate you. What time is right for you to start your day? Do you have to get up earlier or later than before? Just download this app for free to find out.

2- IRonfle

iSnore sleep record

Some condition the quality of their night’s sleep on the basis of snoring. If you are one of them, you will no doubt be happy to know that this line of thinking is a principle with iSnore. Said application has also disguised its properties through its name. Here, the cycle, the intensity, the permanence, the sound, the regularity of your snoring are examined with a magnifying glass.

From these analyses, you are offered the possibility of better situating yourself on their various causes and the consequences of such or such other product consumed during the day. In case you seek to discover more of its advantages, it can later become profitable. However, in addition to being a true analytical expert, this tool has an entertaining side. It’s really unique to hear yourself snore between friends! Get out of hesitation, health and laughter are free thanks to iSnore.

3- Xtreme Music Alarm Clock

Alarm clock Music Xtreme alarm and sleep recording tool

Do you want to combine alarm and sleep recording tool in one and the same application and this without having to pay a penny? Xtreme Music Alarm Clock is definitely what you need. It is prized for its ability to offer a rest diary under various functionalities, for which it imposes compliance with a wake-up sound of your choice. Thus, the reminder of your hours of rest, of your active hours is only a small matter by its help.

The fundamental characteristic is that the application optimizes your daily program according to your various concerns to offer you the best sense of sleep time possible. Moreover, the minimal difficulty is that it becomes chargeable when certain options that compose it are requested although it is initially free.

4- Sleep as android

Sleep as android sleep analysis app

His name is perplexing isn’t it. However, it remains competitive on the market due to the multiple bargains it offers. With the Sleep as android app, it’s the careful monitoring of your rest cycle. It memorizes the data provided by your hours of sleep on the one hand and provides statistics in relation to the frequency, duration, and density of the latter.

By analogy, as its name implies, when an Android is really in night mode, it limits its energy consumption to the highest point and improves its battery life with one stone. This is what this sleep recording tool takes you to some extent. Further, you have the prerogative to put your schedule in line with the needs of your health. To get it, just go to Google Play or any other reliable download platform. It’s absolutely free!

5- Google fit

Google Fit best pedometer apps

Google isn’t just known for its convenience when it comes to finding information quickly. It is also recommended for the effectiveness of its system of sports activities aimed at getting back in shape and that of preserving body health. Google Fit is one of the most recommended free pedometer and sleep recording apps. This is particularly due to the diversity of options it offers. However, the twist that arises is that it often requires a combination with paired apps for optimal enjoyment. It does not cost anything to try it to judge the fact of its myriad of potentialities like no other.

6- Sleep Tracker

SleepTracker sleep management

Thanks to this application, you have the possibility of evaluating all the phases of your drowsiness. It provides an optimal analysis on the sleep process specific to each type of person. SleepTracker is also very popular since the information it provides is at least 96% consistent with reality. It’s amazing when you consider that its use simply requires a free download. In addition, it has several other functions that reduce the pressure on its user. In other words, even if an ideal wake-up time is set, you have the possibility of benefiting from a few more minutes in the comfort of your bed by pressing your screen. Added to this is the daily maintenance of a dream book. This is aimed at a psychological approach to sleep management.

7- SleepBot

SleepBot sleep analysis app

On the market, its notoriety is called into question by its features which are less favorable to competition. But it should be noted that basically the services offered by SleepBot are striking in their specificities and their profitability. Equipped with a high-performance sleep analysis device, it locates the hours of nap, sleep, whatever the time of the day through the various agreed alarm times.

A restless night, used with sudden movements can be the cause of your insomnia the following days. Detect his actions to successfully manage your physical condition. To this end, relying on the indications of said application is a significant resource. You are of any expensive consultation. Free of charge and in accordance with your instructions, study your sleep cycle freely.