Top 5 features you should miss with Windows 11

For all the new functions and gadgets that Windows 11 introduces, there are also features that you will have to miss later. These are the most important.

Microsoft finally announced Windows 11 this week. The announcement was packed with highlights and impressive new features. It’s not all roses, however, for the new operating system. There are also a lot of features that go in the trash. In this article, therefore, 5 well-known features that may or may not be completely gone in Windows 11.

Features missing in Windows 11


Cortana will no longer be included by default on systems with Windows 11. For now, the voice assistant is offered by default on Windows 10. There is also a prominent place for the Halo-inspired AI Starks you have to do your best to find Cortana.

Live Tiles

Users will also have to miss Live Tiles, when Windows 11 comes out. The start menu is currently full of so-called Tiles. These dynamic previews, apps, images and information move partly to the customizable widgets. A preview of this can already be seen on Windows 10 (21H1).

Windows Timeline

One of the more useful features that we have to miss with Windows 11 is the Timeline. This feature allows you to see a history of what you have recently done on your PC. You can click on all the tiles in the timeline to immediately pick up where you left off. The feature was introduced in 2018, so it didn’t last long.

Tablet Mode

Windows 11 also no longer has a dedicated Tablet Mode. Instead, the upcoming operating system will simply automatically adapt to the device being used. The OS detects whether you want to use touch and adjusts the interaction options accordingly. Of all the features on this list, this is the only one where the same features are baked directly into the OS.

Internet Explorer

Finally, Windows 11 is the first operating system without Internet Explorer support, although no one will actually miss the browser and its outdated features. For legacy sites you can just go to Edge, so it’s right that Microsoft throws Internet Explorer out permanently.