Top 5 Best Hiking Apps for Android or iOS

hiking apps for android or ios

Going hiking is a very popular physical activity, a passion for some. However, it is not easy in practice. Above all, you need to have exceptional physical and mental endurance. Care must be taken in terms of knowledge of the route and the accessories to carry. The best thing to do is to introduce yourself to digital. There are applications that will be very useful to you. They will facilitate your activity whether in terms of orientation or logistics. It is better to know them. Here is the list of the best hiking apps for Android or iOS.

1- Iphigenia

iphigenia hiking apps

For an amateur or a professional hiker, this is not a new tool. This is the best app on the list for hiking veteran. It encompasses practical and synthetic functionalities. Once we have mastered it, nothing escapes our analytical vision. You will never get lost if you have it on your phone. Your Smartphone becomes a dynamic card box to be used anytime and anywhere.

Iphigénie was originally designed for managing IGN maps. As a reminder, these are the reference tools for naturalists. You can trust their accuracy. Scientists, guidance professionals and others have exercised their expertise there. It can be your everyday companion. Iphigenia contains all of these cards. They offer them to you without requiring a connection. You just have to master the tool and the rest will be very easy. The important thing is to mainly work on your route and potential stopovers. You will know thanks to this application what to carry as a necessity during the trip.

In terms of practical use, you will come up against a fairly complex interface. It must be admitted that the designers have remained conservative on the edges. You will have to adapt to the tool, not the other way around. This may displease you at first. However, with a little perseverance, you will overcome it. And then, you will have to pay almost 5 euros for a subscription. If you are fussy, we allow you to try it for 7 days for free. Once you are in love with the tool, you will need to proceed to checkout.

2- Outdooractive

outdoor active

This is the application of the moment for hikers. You will find all the features listed in the list of basics of an application of its ilk. For starters, there’s a compass. As a reminder, without this tool, you will not be able, as a good beginner, to go anywhere. It will be much easier to have it in your phone to know which way North is. Then you have the scale. Apart from this element, there are functionalities allowing to record your course, to mark the ground to know in which sector you are. The way in which the transition to night mode is fluid will please you even more.

Making use of Outdooractive means enjoying a number of advantages. Indeed, the application helps to save money. It is free and does not involve any additional costs. Whether you have an Android, iOS or even Huawei smartphone, you will have it for your account. The most charming thing is that there are no ads or cookies. If you’re worried about sedentary data, relax. Updates are made monthly or even weekly. Even if the accuracy is not comparable to that of IGN maps, it will be sufficient for a good hike.

3- OruxMaps


OruxMaps is, like all the hiking apps on this list, a well-made tool. The most interesting for a hiker are the maps. You will have as many as possible with OruxMaps. The advantages of the application are already present in the organization of the menu. In the first place, you will find all the tools you need. Then, the maps will show you more precise routes.

In reality, the interface attracts; it makes you want to use the tool for its various operations. The shapes and themes are ordered in order to sublimate the decor of the application. Simplicity is the first asset that we notice. This has to do with the buttons and/or options available. The beauty of the tool comes afterwards. This can be seen with the pooling of sober and synchronous colors. Overall, OruxMaps is as fast as an offline app. Whenever you feel like hiking, just download it.

4-GPX Viewer

GPX Viewer free smartphone hiking app

If you are looking for an application listed among the tools of the beginner hiker, GPX Viewer is the leader. Free at the base, it presents very dynamic maps although not very precise. You can use it for a hike between novices. This will be very useful for walking through the bushes in the countryside. With the paid version, the accuracy of the maps increases a little. You can then create new routes. It will first be necessary to know your level of adaptation to the risk. Otherwise, you risk getting lost.

This application involves bulking of GPS data. In fact, traces of your movements are recorded. If you get lost, you can at least send your details to the authorities. Before you go hiking, choose your guide. It can be GPX Viewer. The recorded data allows it to provide you with reliable and intelligent instructions. The walk is more structured.


Strava GPS hiking app apple watch

For adventurers who love going off the beaten track, this will be a good alternative. It would be interesting to try invented trails, extreme roads. For a hiker, there is nothing better than making new discoveries, meeting new people, going on an adventure. Strava allows you to choose a route with a touch of innovation. You can draw your paths yourself on an OpenStreetMap map and create lanes. In short, you are dealing with a tool for creating hiking routes.

Downloading is simple and smooth; quick installation. Once this step is passed, you should have fun through the interface of the tool. The menu is intuitive and creative. You access OpenStreetMap maps from all walks of life. If you find yourself in Europe, this will be a well-made instrument.

Remember this is not a card pool. It is primarily a creator of routes. It is better to take the right information before plotting a new route. Each of the tools has its particularity. The features vary depending on the interests of the designers. It is up to you to make your choice after having prepared your luggage. Then, dress appropriately and set off.