Top 3 best features of Windows 11

The best features of Windows 11

We now know a lot about the operating system, so we’ve picked out the best features of Windows 11 for you.

Microsoft officially launched Windows 11 last Thursday. The media attention is enormous and rightly so. Because Windows is the most widely used operating system in the world. A new version is quite something! In the meantime, a lot has become known about the new functionalities. We’ve picked the best ones and described them below in a ‘top 3 best features Windows 11’.

Top 3 best features Windows 11

The new operating system is packed with new features. From new design to a start menu.

1. Gaming

We like to play games. And Microsoft was lagging behind in this area, but the company is now catching up. The Xbox Game Pass is incorporated in Windows 11. This also includes the xCloud technology, which is included in the Xbox app. Result? You can stream games directly from the cloud. The operating system also has Auto HDR, so you get high dynamic range automatically. cool!

Image via Microsoft

2. Android Apps

For me personally one of the best new functionalities, because I use Android. Namely the integration of Android Apps. This makes working with Windows much user-friendly, because you can use your apps directly on your laptop. To make this happen, Microsoft works with Intel and Amazon.

Android Apps
Image via Microsoft

3. Start menu

When you open Windows, you automatically go to the bottom left to open the menu. But why is that anyway? We think it’s quite normal that it’s on the left, but actually it’s very illogical. Microsoft has also found out and now places the menu in the middle. Not only is it easier to work with, but it also looks great.

Image via Microsoft

Furthermore, the update will be free (!) if you already have Windows 10. The new version will probably be available to consumers in October, so that you can also use the best functionalities of Windows 11.