Top 20 Free iPhone Games in 2021

We already have a lot of new and popular games on iPhone to play. But not all games are worth trying. Turns out there were some games that shook the world. Here, we have curated a list of free games for iPhone that have made headlines or are currently on the top free games list in the Apple App Store.

Best Free Games for iPhone Users F - Top 20 Free Games for iPhone in 2021

Let’s see the best free games for iPhone users to play in 2020, according to the Apple App Store.

Among Us!

Among Us 1 - Top 20 Free iPhone Games of 2021It exploded among us in terms of popularity in a short period. Play with 4 to 10 friends trying to find the trickster and vote for him. Your team is preparing the spaceship to leave and the deceiver is tasked with eliminating you all. Your job is to complete missions and activities to focus on the crook and eliminate your team members.

Download: Among Us!

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile - Top 20 Free iPhone Games in 2021Call of Duty: Mobile needs no introduction. It is a free battle royale game. COD provides a high definition console-quality gaming experience with text chat, 3D graphics, and customizable controls. Switch between maps and modes, strategize and play to become the last man standing in this 100-person survival match. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the Battle Royale game, play Call of Duty: Mobile.

Download: Call of Duty: Mobile


Roblox - Top 20 Free iPhone Games in 2021Explore your creative side with Roblox and join millions of players in an endless world of adventure games. Roblox offers a growing library in the world thanks to its global community and is constantly expanding. With cross-platform support, you can be anything and play with anyone right away. Customize your character or avatar with tons of options and test the rush with Roblox.

Download: Roblox

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers - Top 20 Free iPhone Games in 2021Do you want to play endless running game? Subway Surfers is the best endless survival game that you can play. Dash as fast as you can, dodge trains and obstacles, jump and roll over the tracks. Collect as many coins as possible, use boosters, speed up your game and much more. Use screen swipes for faster acrobatics in the blink of an eye until the inspector catches you.

Download: Subway Surfers

Ink Inc. – Tattoo Drawing

Ink Inc - Top 20 Free iPhone Games in 2021Become a tattoo artist with Ink Inc. , tattoo as many clients as possible, use the stencil of the clients’ choice and there you go. The game is simply about filling the colors into the stencils as perfect as possible. Draw and tattoo challenging shapes and test your skills with them. Running your own tattoo shop can be a task, are you ready to deal with that kind of pressure?

Download: Ink Inc. – Tattoo Drawing

Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game

Magic Tiles 3 - Top 20 Free iPhone Games in 2021Do you think you have the fastest reaction? Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game keeps you glued to the screen. Pick up after tapping tiles on each of them results in a beat. Tap the black files and avoid the white files to get away from ending the game. It is accelerating with each level progress so you must have faster reflexes to level up.

Download: Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles

Brain Test Tricky Puzzles - Top 20 Free iPhone Games in 2021Do you think you can solve difficult puzzles? Check out Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles, an addictive challenging puzzle game full of brain teasers. The game tests your logical thinking ability and reasoning and pushes you to try thinking outside the box. Check out this game as it has been included in the list of top 20 free games for iPhone in 2020.

Download: Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles

Brain Out

Brain Out - Top 20 Free iPhone Games in 2021What is your Intelligence Quotient (IQ)? Brain Out tests your brain with challenging puzzles and mind games that will amaze you. Solve puzzles and challenges, and test your reflexes, logical thinking, and memory with Brain Out. The game contains unexpected answers to every question and will leave you amazed. The only way to advance to the next level is to think outside the box. Let your imagination take over to find the answers to every puzzle, challenge, puzzle and brainteaser.

Download: Brain Out

Coin Master

Coin Master - Top 20 Free iPhone Games in 2021Join your friends or share with millions of players around the world with Coin Master. Spin to win loot, use shields to fend off enemies. Attack your fellow Vikings to win their coins and loot and collect enough wealth to build your village. You need to defend your village from being attacked, so beware.

Download: Coin Master

Cube Surfer!

Cube Surfer - Top 20 Free iPhone Games in 2021Do you think you can surf the cube? Cube Surfer takes you on a cube-jumping ride while avoiding any obstacles. Collect as many diamonds as possible which you can use to buy different characters and cubes. There are 9 cubes available for you to choose. There are some ads that you will have to ignore.

Download: Cube Surfer!

Woodturning 3D

Woodturning 3D - Top 20 Free iPhone Games in 2021If you are looking for Woodturning but don’t really want to mess with it, try this game – Woodturning 3D. Use the chisels to carve the desired shape out of a wooden block. You can switch between three formats. Use the sponge to polish it more. Woodturning 3D allows you to paint the carved wooden object and that’s it. The game does not do much but it is just a simulation. What do you think that?

Download: Woodturning 3D


Homescapes - Top 20 Free iPhone Games in 2021Homescapes lets you control the actions of Austin the Butler. Help him renovate the house by adding matching pieces and swapping things here and there. You are the interior designer, so you design what happens. The game has three levels filled with fun activities, explosive combinations, and unique boosters. Enjoy playing it comfortably with your Facebook friends, use its in-game items that you purchase to stand out in any activities, etc.

Download: Homescapes

Johnny Trigger

Johnny Trigger - Top 20 Free iPhone Games in 2021Could you be a badass like Johnny English, the movie? If yes, then Johnny Treasure is your game. Eliminate the mafia world through a storm that brought down the mafia members. Jump off the ledge, flip and roll, and more with Johnny Treasure, the game.

Tangle Master 3D

Tangle Master 3D - Top 20 Free iPhone Games in 2021If you have tried Sort It 3D, you will also love this app. Tangle Master 3D follows a similar concept but instead of tubes and color balls, you have interlocking colored ropes. Your task is to disassemble it and win big. Play as many levels as possible. Use its undo feature to go back to the previous step to see how you can undo the ropes the right way.

Download: Tangle Master 3D

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour - Top 20 Free iPhone Games in 2021I highly doubt anyone would need an introduction to Mario Kart. Introducing Mario Kart Tour is a game that takes you on a race across the world where you compete against seven other players. Check out real world cities and have endless fun with Mario Kart Tour. Play multiplayer races with the rules in mind, collect drivers, badgers and buggies on the road. Challenge your way with rewards, rewards, etc.

Download: Mario Kart Tour


Fishdom - Top 20 Free iPhone Games in 2021Dive into the depths of the ocean with Fishdom, a vibrant puzzle game with unique gameplay at hand. The game allows you to decorate underwater objects, switch and match to get the perfect match. Fishdom has a lot of challenges to complete in a 3D world, so you will never get bored.

Download: Fishdom

Sort It 3D

Sort It 3D - Top 20 Free iPhone Games in 2021You have colored balls in the tubes. Your task is to separate and fill the tube with one color. Repeat the same with all the other available color balls. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, with each pass level it introduces complications as you can put a red colored ball out of a blue colored ball. Use your sorting skills or use the undo feature to start over. Match the colored balls to fill the individual tubes with the same colored balls to move forward.

Download: Sort It 3D

Rescue Cut – Rope Puzzle

Rescue Cut Rope Puzzle - Top 20 Free iPhone Games in 2021Have you ever played Cut The Rope? Rescue Cut – Rope Puzzle is a similar game but with a human character hanging from some of the ropes that are attached to it. Cut the wrong rope and he’ll either die getting nailed or attacked by a bear. Strategize well and think about which ropes to cut first to free the character. Slide your finger to cut the ropes but beware.

Download: Rescue Cut – Rope Puzzle

Park Master

Park Master - Top 20 Free iPhone Games in 2021Do you think you can stand up? Check out Park Master, the top view parking game. Lets you draw a line to direct your car to different parking spaces. You have obstacles to deal with, so beware and steer your car to the correct parking spot. Collect coins on the way and advance with each level. Skip the level by watching the video ad.

Download: Park Master


UNO - Top 20 Free iPhone Games in 2021UNO! It is no longer just a card game but you can play it online on your phone with your friends. If you have played UNO before, you already know the rules and it is best to play them with those rules. Compete in tournaments with players from all over the world or use the 2v2 mode to play with your friends. Take on the challenges and climb the leaderboards in this epic game.

Download: UNO!

Here you are. This is our list of the best free iPhone games of 2020 according to the popular rating of iPhone users. All these games have attracted a lot of followers, and among the list you will find a lot of common players and opponents in online multiplayer games. Which one do you like more?

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