Top 10 of the best applications to control your pc with Android

best apps to control your pc with android

Being able to control your PC with your Android phone is a possibility that would offer freedom of movement. You have certainly already been confronted with the need to consult a file or manage any other activity on your post urgently while you were a little far from it. Well, now there are tools you can use to control your PC remotely from another computer or phone. Discover, through this article, a selection of the best applications to control your computer from your Android smartphone.

1- Anydesk Remote PC Control

Anydesk control windows 10 with android

Anydesk receives flowers from its users. There are many who recognize his extraordinary qualities. Indeed, this tool is first less heavy and less cumbersome than most PC remote control tools. The other criterion that is a little more pleasing is that the application is permanently updated. Its fluid and light mode of use helps to carry out operations that are usually embarrassing. The platforms it takes into account are multiple. We are talking here about Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS. This bodes well for a good user experience.

2- Unified Remote

Unified Remote application to control your pc with Android

A great tool to control Windows PC by your Android phone. Unified Remote is one of the best programs designed for this purpose. It has the particularity of being able to control more than 100 programs. Its performance is therefore no longer to be boasted. It ensures better screen sharing between your PC and your Android phone by transforming the latter into a mouse or keyboard according to your needs. With Unified Remote, explore your PC from your Android. This tool can also control other apps like Netflix, YouTube and others.

  • Install the application on your Windows PC from its official website.
  • Also install Unified Remote on your Android phone. The application is responsible for detecting the PC using the telephone network.
  • Connect the two devices together using the WI-FI network.
  • And here we go for optimal use. Using the parameter menu, customize the control to your liking by choosing the option that suits you in the command list.


TeamViewer best application to control your pc with Android

The TeamViewer program is also one of the best known when it comes to PC control tools via mobile phone or vice versa. Once installed, this program offers simplicity in its use. You can easily control your phone’s mouse and keyboard to open and edit your files at your convenience from your phone. What could be more practical for freedom of movement at work?

In addition, TeamViewer also offers the possibility of viewing the audio and video files available on the pc from your Android smartphone. A very commendable feat achieved by the development team of this program. Also use this same application to transfer files between your PC and your Android phone.

The program is equipped with a “chat” section to allow you to exchange with the user of your PC in case you have entrusted it to someone. And all of this is done safely.

4- Microsoft remote desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop control pc with android

This application developed by Microsoft gives you access to all Microsoft systems on PC, whether professional or private. The takeover PC option is perfect. This is noticeable by the speed of reading. You can turn on what you want as an audio or video player or start the program of your choice. Since the developers have a good understanding of the operation of the operating system to which you will be connecting, they took the most straightforward security measure. You have nothing to worry about in terms of quality of service.

5- Splashtop Personal

Splashtop Personal pc remote

Splashtop Personal is expected to conquer more people in the coming days. In fact, given its abilities, anyone who tries it remains loyal to it. In fact, the application allows complete control of your PC. You can therefore perform all operations as if you were facing your device. When traveling, it helps to lighten your luggage or to complete quick tasks. You have the ability to play music on your PC, read your messages, manage your apps from top to bottom, and even turn on the webcam. You know and do absolutely everything on the device, no matter where you are. Times don’t matter.

6-Remote mouse

Remote mouse alternative teamviewer

With millions of users, Remote Mouse is an application that reinvents the world of remote PC control. You have to try it first before you realize that it is unique. To begin with, all the actions to be done with peripherals like the mouse and the keyboard are done directly on your phone. In addition, you have control over all other regular PC operations. You can then open an app and do jobs that are doable with one hand. Remotely, you can therefore turn on a movie, play a game, take a screenshot or simply turn off the PC.

7- Remote Control Collection

Remote Control Collection best application to control your pc with Android

Remote Control Collection is a program offered as an application. It allows you to take control of your PC remotely. With this app, you have the ability to choose what you control on your PC. Be it keyboard, mouse, media player software or slideshows, the application allows you to parse all the files on your computer without getting close to it. Its Pro version expands your control possibilities by giving you more complete access to the entire system of your PC. Just install the Remote Control app on your Android and install the server on your PC.

To do this, follow this installation process which can be summarized in a few steps:

  • Connect the two devices together under the same WI-FI network
  • Enter the server on the PC, from the first opening, the local IP address will be presented to you
  • Then enter the application and go to the “Devices” option to add your PC
  • Use the local IP address to connect your Android to your PC and give the server a name.
  • Once both devices are connected, return to your phone’s home screen and launch the Remote app.

8- Supremo Remote Desktop

Supremo Remote Desktop remote control software

Among the applications in the market, Supremo Remote Desktop is among the most secure applications. To gain access to your PC or others, you need to create some sort of secret password-protected link.

For your information, this application makes it easy to take control of the PCs you are connected to. You can manage the number of devices you want. The seismic contact management base of the software holds in all circumstances. What captivates more in the system of this tool is the possibility of going through your phone to follow a business meeting.

9- ApowerMirror

ApowerMirror to control your pc with Android

A very handy tool to control your PC. ApowerMirror is a program very appreciated by users who have already made its experience. Command the keyboard, mouse and enter all your files from your Android phone. The developers of this tool bring to it with each new update an additional key to extend its possibilities. Try ApowerMirror and see for yourself the level of satisfaction a user can get from it. But to achieve this, you must install the application by following the procedure below:

  • Install ApowerMirror on your Android phone and PC
  • Connect PC and Android phone to the same WI-FI network
  • Start the program on the mobile phone and search the PC for pairing using the blue button.
  • Start screen sharing using the “Mirroring” button. The PC screen will automatically display on your mobile phone.
  • As soon as the connection is established, you can explore your PC from your Android phone and thus manage your activities with complete freedom.

It should also be noted that ApowerMirror can be used to control the same phone from the PC. A very interesting advantage for users. Several functions are also to be discovered in the same program.

10-VNC Viewer

RealVNC remote control tool

VNC Viewer is an application that turns your Android smartphone into a remote control for your computer. Thanks to its advanced functions, you will be able to play media files from your smartphone. Since then, it allows you to open links from your organizer’s browser without touching them.

Go to Google Play Store and download the VNC Viewer application on the phone, once the installation of the program is updated, open it to then proceed to its configuration. This takes into account the creation of a password for securing the connection of the two devices. Once you have successfully connected the two devices, you can then explore and control your PC with ease and in great detail. It is the ideal application to take advantage of the various media available there, and this, from your Android or iOS smartphone. Also access any site by entering the link from the smartphone using the virtual keyboard it is equipped with.