Top 10 Facebook games of 2015

Facebook includes many free games
Which you can compete with your friends and other people around the world without downloading there
A lot of games, but I will show you the top 10 games that have won millions
And some of them have exceeded a billion in the number of players around the world, so they are the best on Facebook
Facebook for the year 2015, these games carry a lot of fun and excitement, there are
Lots of great games within this topic that I advise you to try.

Top 10 Facebook Games 2015 - Free Games New

1- Candy Crash Saga

Top 10 Facebook Games 2015 - Free Games New

Candy Crush Saga is a delicious puzzle game, where you deliver candy
multi-colored to form chains of similar candies to disappear, over the course of about
More than 400 stages in which you will live a fun adventure, the technique of the game Candy
Crush Saga is very easy to learn, though very complicated to get to
Mastery! For this reason, this game is liked by most of the people who try it (enter the game)

2- Pet Rescue Saga

Top 10 Facebook Games 2015 - Free Games New

It is a puzzle game in which players must break groups of blocks
Concrete with the aim of advancing the levels while also saving animals
Contained within it, there are more than 100 levels, the goal is to put each one of the
Animals on top of the blocks and then down to the ground. Doing this you will win
More points, you can win the three stars available in each level (enter the game)

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3- Dragon City

Top 10 Facebook Games 2015 - Free Games New

It is a great game that gives you the opportunity to raise your own dragon in a wonderful world
Enchanted islands and you can also compete with your friends to see who has the strongest dragon
You can put dragon eggs everywhere but you never know what will come out of them
There are many distinct and special types (enter the game)

4- Criminal Case

Top 10 Facebook Games 2015 - Free Games New

Criminal Case is a very popular game on Facebook, in this game
You will become a policeman who searches for evidence to convict the perpetrator, but this game will demand
The power of high observation to know where the evidence is, it is definitely a special game (enter the game)

5- Farm Ville 2

Top 10 Facebook Games 2015 - Free Games New

Farm Ville 2 is the second part of the well-known Farm Ville game
In this part, you will create a thriving 3D farm in a beautiful, full of world
With crops and lovable animals that roam in search of food, this game is not
Less than the first part, but better (enter the game)

6- Pool Live Tour

Top 10 Facebook Games 2015 - Free Games New

Pool Live Tour is one of the most popular pool games on Facebook
Facebook It is characterized by ease and also the challenge, in which you will be able to compete with people from
Around the world and collect coins to buy many new powerful disobedience, it
It is considered one of the best billiards games on Facebook (enter the game)

7- Diamond Dash

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Top 10 Facebook Games 2015 - Free Games New

Diamond Dash is one of the most beautiful puzzle games and is similar to the style of the game
Classic Bejeweled though its style is more interesting and easy where you need to
Bejeweled to move gems to organize them into groups of three or more
The same type, in Diamond Dash it is enough to find groups of similar gems on
The game board and destroy it by clicking on one of them. (enter the game)

8- Top Eleven . game

Top 10 Facebook Games 2015 - Free Games New

It is a business management game in which you will be the coach who will build the dream team
You will lead your team to success and victory, as it is a game that requires intelligence
And the wisdom to become a skilled coach and make winning deals and be the right team
is yours (enter the game)

9- Pirate Kings

Top 10 Facebook Games 2015 - Free Games New

In this game, you will fight people from all over the world and discover beautiful islands
Strangely enough, you must be one of the powerful pirates and seek gold, as it is a game
Competitive addiction, but there are also those who seek revenge on you, so you should beware (enter the game)

10- 8 Ball Pool

Top 10 Facebook Games 2015 - Free Games New

It is also considered one of the most popular billiards games on Facebook. The way to play it is simple
Very where you use your finger to mark your target, and move it forward to hit the ball in
the direction you want. From there, you need to try and beat your opponent
And when you win, you will earn coins to buy many upgrades
different for your game (enter the game)

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