TMC Chromecast Stream & Cast TV dongle: to buy or not to buy?

That the Chromecast We already knew that this is a popular device. There are therefore plenty of alternatives on the market, such as the TMC Chromecast, for sale at a number of drugstores. This HDMI dongle is also known as the Stream and Cast TV dongle. But should you buy it now? We went to investigate!

TMC ChromecastStream and Cast TV Dongle

Let’s look at the naming first. This dongle goes through life in different ways. It is often popularly referred to as the TMC Chromecast, but this is factually incorrect. This product is not an official Chromecast, it is simply not made by Google.

TMC Chromecast stream and cast dongle

On the (virtual) shelves we see this gadget as the Stream and Cast TV dongle, a name that can be used. This means that it is possible to stream content from your smartphone to the big screen.

We often see the TMC Chromecast at stores such as Kruidvat and Trekpleister, but other variants are also offered on platforms such as They often have different names here, but I’ll get to that later.

These types of products are often made in China and produced in large numbers. There are then companies such as Kruidvat that link their own ‘brand’ to it, such as TMC in this case. However, it is a product that is released under many names.

These products can often also be found on platforms such as AliExpress and are a lot cheaper there.

What can you do with the Stream and Cast TV dongle?

With the TMC Chromecast Stream and Cast dongle you can – according to the packaging – provide services such as Netflix, YouTube, Spotify and send PowerPoint to the big screen. In fact, that is also correct, but it still works differently than you are used to from the ‘regular’ Chromecast.

This Stream and Cast TV dongle has the option to mirror your screen to the TV. This means that your screen is sent to the television and a copy of your smartphone screen can be seen there. The idea behind this is that if you turn on Netflix on your phone, for example, you can also watch it on the TV.

TMC Chromecast stream and cast dongle

This uses Miracast, a technology to mirror the screen. This is often used for presentations, for example, but can also be used for streaming. At least that’s what is claimed.

Unfortunately, in practice this does not work as well as you would like. Streaming a presentation is still reasonable, but Netflix and YouTube often cause problems. This has to do with the way this dongle works and how it streams.

Chromecast V3
Chromecast with Google TV

Buy TMC Chromecast or better not?

I’ve done extensive research into this Stream and Cast TV dongle from Kruidvat and Trekpleister, but it’s better to skip this one. The simple reason is that it doesn’t work properly.

We read many negative experiences with this TMC Chromecast, where a number of points keep coming back. Below we have made a list of pros and cons.


  • Cheap
  • Streaming photos works relatively well


  • Stuttering images
  • Sound does not match the picture
  • Only sound available, no picture
  • Connection is not stable
  • Installation not always easy
  • Wifi drops regularly

As you can see after reading this overview, it is better not to buy the product. There are too many things going wrong to justify the price. Because yes, the Stream and Cast TV dongle is very cheap at € 14.99, but does not bring you what you would expect.

Alternative: the cheapest Chromecast

Then you might ask yourself: what should you buy? I would advise you to go for the Chromecast V3. This is the cheapest Chromecast and works much better. Among other things, it is possible to apps such as Netflix, YouTube, Video country, NPO and many others to the big screen cast. To learn how this works, read our What is Casting guide!

Also pay attention: there are regularly good Chromecast offers available!

Alternative to TMC Chromecast

Chromecast V3

Chromecast (V3) Cheapest Chromecast

Easy streaming
Stable connection
Good value for money

If you want more options and let the operation run via a remote control, then the Chromecast with Google TV a good option. This device is the most extensive version of the series and also offers many additional options. For example, apps can be installed on it. The Chromecast 4, as the device is also called, works very well and simply.

If you can’t choose, check out our Chromecast buying guide, in which I explain which one is best to choose and above all: why.