TiTum, state-of-the-art wireless headphones – can mimic the sound of other headphones. with built-in ANC and DAC noise cancellation features

TiTum Audio raises funds for “TiTum” headphones with advanced features Can imitate the sound of other headphones Just connect to PC or mobile. and press to select the desired headphone model in the app with just one button. It also has a built-in DAC for listening to the highest quality music at Hi-Res level. It can be used for both Amazon Music, Apple Music, TIDAL or others and supports Dolby Atmos. Audio, including aptX codec for wireless use via Bluetooth 5.2

The TiTum project was started with a simple but very interesting idea. with the question “What if we make headphones that ‘become’ any headphones? Studio headphones that cost close to 2 hundred thousand baht are not a dream for many people anymore.

The TiTum is able to replicate the sound profiles of other headphones thanks to its exclusive TRUELY TRANSFORM technology. But that’s not enough. Because headphones need materials that exceed any brand to achieve the desired sound performance.

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from years of intensive testing Finally, the company found that “beryllium” was the most suitable option. It has an ideal hardness-to-mass ratio that no other material can match. It is coated on a 50 mm audio driver, which, when combined with the aforementioned high-quality DAC, allows TiTum to control all four key factors of sound:

  • frequency response
  • dynamic range
  • Character of sound in each frequency range
  • Harmonic distortion in the signal and saturation across the entire spectrum.

TiTum also has an active noise-canceling driver, also known as ANC, separate from another set of audio drivers. and claim that The operation of this function will not interfere with or deteriorate the sound quality as usual. The AUX-in channel itself uses studio grade materials as well. It can be said that it is truly a full range of headphones.

TiTum has an initial fundraising price of $198 (about $6,600), and the cheaper it is to buy as a bundle, the cheaper it is. The project has now raised more than 1 million baht on the Indiegogo platform, exceeding the initial target of only 400,000 baht or 267%. The normal price after the fundraising period will be $ 499 each. (about 16,600 baht)

source: Indiegogo