Tips | How to set to show battery percentage on screen for Samsung, OPPO, vivo, Xiaomi and HUAWEI mobile phones.

all mobile phones At the bar at the top of the screen, there is a battery volume to show how much the battery is now… but the problem is that some models will only show the battery symbol with only the level indicator. It doesn’t show the number as a percentage easily (at least to be able to calculate correctly how much battery is left). In fact, we can set it to tell the amount of battery in %, but it’s just hidden.

For this number tells the battery percentage. As I said, some mobile phones are already set to show numbers. But some models only have a battery symbol. So we’re going to tell you how to turn on and off the battery percentage indicator. Let’s do it. All in all, including Samsung, OPPO, vivo, Xiaomi and HUAWEI.

Set the battery to show percentage Samsung (One UI)

Samsung phones are usually set to show battery percentage. But if anyone who wants to turn off only the battery symbol can use this method. by entering Settings (Settings) > Battery and device care (Battery and device care) > Select Battery (battery)

More battery settings (Additional battery settings) > Show battery percentage (Show battery percentage) This is all you can choose to turn on or off the percentage number.

Set the battery percentage to show OPPO (ColorOS)

OPPO phones that use ColorOS may be different from other mobile phones in that it is not in the battery menu. but have to go to Settings (Settings) > Notifications & status bar (Notifications and Status Bar) > Status bar (status bar)

Battery percentage and then choose the model you want.

Set battery to show percentage vivo (FuntouchOS)

of vivo will be a bit easier because it only goes Settings (Settings) > Battery (Battery) > Battery percentage (Battery percentage) is complete.

Set the battery percentage to show Xiaomi (MIUI)

Xiaomi mobile phone, go to Settings (Settings) > Notifications & Control center (Notifications and Control Center) > Status bar (status bar)

Battery indicator (Battery indicator) and select the desired battery model.

Set battery percentage display HUAWEI (EMUI)

of HUAWEI is as simple as a few steps as well, just go to Settings (Settings) > Battery (Battery) > Battery percentage (Battery percentage), then select the desired format.

Now, our mobile phone will have the battery percentage showing clearly how much battery is left.