Tip: here’s how to make a collage with your best viewed Instagram photos of 2021

Do you regularly post a photo on your Instagram timeline? Then it’s time to check out the nine photos with the most likes. In this tip we explain how to do this Instagram best nine makes in seconds.

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Instagram best nine-collage: posts with the most likes

Best Nine - Instagram 2021

The end of the year for many people means that they show via Instagram what the most popular posts are. Such a so-called best nine shows nine pictures in a beautiful collage. Of course, you can get started and check what the best rated screenshots are, but it can be a lot more convenient.

To create an Instagram best nine on your smartphone, follow these steps:

  1. Download the BestGrid app from the Google Play Store;
  2. Enter your Instagram username;

    Tap the blue ‘create’ button.

  3. Wait a minute;
  4. Choose the style you want;
  5. Tap ‘save’ at the top right.

    And share your best nine of 2021!

Because many people use the app, it may take some time for your collage to be compiled. It’s nice to see different statistics right away. How many did you actually post, how many likes did that total yield? Other things like the number of followers and how many responses you received can also be seen.

By default, there is a watermark, but you can also turn it off (for free) at the bottom of the screen. You can show the total number of likes and posts or not. You can choose whether you want to place it on your timeline or as an Instagram story. Finally, there are opportunities to show your photos, for example, as polaroids or with certain texts on them. You do pay a one-time fee of 2.19 euros.