Thunderbird: no longer display the welcome screen

By default, the email software Mozilla Thunderbird displays a welcome message when the program opens. This tutorial explains how directly display the content of the last e-mail received and not this advertising message.

Mozilla Thunderbird message appeal for donation

Note that this call for donation, for the benefit of the Mozilla Foundation, aims to help the non-profit organization to continue the development

Display the content of emails when opening Mozilla Thunderbird

1. Open the Thunderbird program.

2. Go to the menu Tools, Options. If the menu does not appear, press the ALT key on the keyboard to display it.

3. On the “General” page of Options, in the “Thunderbird start page” part, uncheck line ” Display the start page when launching Thunderbird “.

Mozilla Thunderbird startup message start page

4. Validate by OK.

5. The next launch of Thunderbird will be done by directly displaying the content of the last message, not by displaying the page calling for donations to support the Mozilla Foundation.

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