This Windows 10 feature is retained in Windows 11

This Windows 10 feature is retained in Windows 11

You don’t have to completely say goodbye to your Windows 10 habits with the upgrade to Windows 11.

A new version of an operating system also brings changes that you may not have been expecting. Fortunately, it is also often the case that the makers take the habits of older versions into the new version. If you cannot or do not want to get used to the new situation, you can use elements of the old version.

To give an example. And for that I go back in time. Windows XP allows you to run a classic view of the OS. You saw this especially in companies and at school. But that old school look was sometimes nice to work with. The same is about to happen with Windows 11, which will simply still contain elements of Windows 10.

It has been discovered in the leaked Windows 11 build that you can also use the Windows 10 launch bar. So if you don’t like the new look and feel of Windows 11 at all, you can always go back to the old. Still nice to know. Windows 11 may contain even more nods to the past, but for that we’ll have to wait for the announcement and a possible later trial version of the OS.

Windows 10 launch bar on Windows 11