This is what your PC needs to get the most out of Windows 11

Windows 11 specifications

The minimum system requirements of Windows 11 were already known, but what if you want to use additional specifications?

The upgrade to Windows 11 from Windows 10 brings some nice new things with it. But installing this operating system does not automatically mean that you should be able to use all functionalities. An earlier article discussed the minimum system requirements of Windows 11, but what about additional specifications

Because suppose you are interested in really being able to get everything out of the latest Windows. What then do you need to be able to use every option for Windows 11? Microsoft has released a laundry list of additional specifications. We have listed the most important ones that you may also be looking for below.

Windows 11 specifications

  • 5G support: requires a 5G modem
  • Auto HDR: Requires a monitor with HDR
  • Cortana: Requires a computer with microphone
  • DirectX 12 Ultimate: only works with supporting games and graphics cards
  • Teams: Requires a camera and microphone
  • Touch: Requires a (connected) touchscreen display
  • Spatial Sound: only works in combination with the necessary hardware

Undoubtedly you are now working with Windows 10 and you cannot use everything the OS has to offer. So don’t worry. But are you interested in the discussed Windows 11 specifications, or even more. Then keep that in mind when purchasing your next PC. The full list can be found on Microsoft’s website.