This is what paint looks like in Windows 11

This is what paint looks like in Windows 11

The look of Microsoft Paint gets a minor makeover in Windows 11. See it for yourself.

In the era before the internet was very common, everyone used Microsoft Paint against boredom. It was considered a kind of game, especially for children. After all, you couldn’t surf the internet well and maybe there were no games installed on the computer you were working on. Then Paint was always the perfect solution. A bit of messing around and hop, another hour passed in no time.

Paint belongs in Windows and of course it also returns in Windows 11. But keep in mind that Microsoft has chosen to adjust the appearance a bit. It’s not that you can’t find anything compared to the current paint, but there are definitely things different. Also good news is the introduction of a dark mode for Paint. Always handy, isn’t it?

Panos Panay, top man at Microsoft when it comes to products, has a teaser release. In this teaser you get a taste of Paint in Windows 11. In the teaser you see a birthday cake made in Paint. Unfortunately we don’t get to see how the cake is drawn. The video is too short for that.

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