This is the best Chromebook cover of 2022 [alle formaten]

It’s time, your new one Chromebook is in and you want to get started. Then it is of course also important to protect it well with a Chromebook cover. There is quite a lot of choice, that’s why we have a number of tips for you, but also the best chromebook sleeves lined up for you.

Chromebook cover

There are many different Chromebooks on the market, but fortunately the choice for a Chromebook cover is slightly less complicated.

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There are of course a number of properties that are important when you decide to purchase, but the differences, apart from looks, material and size, are not that big. That’s why I made a list of the best Chromebooks sleeves today, taking size into account, of course.

There are also a number of tips that you should pay attention to when looking for a Chromebook cover, where the first tip is especially important. That is exactly what I want to start with.

Buy a Chromebook sleeve: 3 tips

Below is a list of three tips and things to consider before purchasing a Chromebook cover.

1. Check the inner size

It sounds logical, for example, if you buy a 15-inch Chromebook cover, you would expect your Chromebook to fit in it. That is also true in 95% of the cases, so there is one thing you should pay attention to and that is the inner dimensions.

The inner size of a 15 inch sleeve is not the same for every product. If you want to be absolutely sure whether your Chromebook will fit in it, check the inner dimensions of the cover and compare it with the dimensions of your device. Of course you need a (small) margin to actually use it. One centimeter is basically enough here.

2. Decide how much protection you want

In addition to fun designs and looks, there are also a number of practical choices that you have to make. Consider, for example, whether you are looking for a cover that can take a beating, for example when traveling, or whether ‘regular’ protection is enough. So there are also a number of options here.

There are also Chromebook sleeves that are (splash) waterproof and are therefore resistant to (a little) water. If that is useful in your specific case, that is of course also something to look forward to.

3. Are you looking for additional options?

Perhaps you are also looking for a cover for your Chromebook, with an extra large compartment for accessories: you can take a mouse or other accessories with you. You can also think of the charger, for example. If you then opt for a cover that is too tight without extra storage compartments, it may not immediately fit.

Chromebook cover: these are the best choices

I’ve made a list of ‘just good’ Chromebook covers, but taste also plays a role here. The covers are available in all sizes, unless stated otherwise.


Case Logic Sleeve

Best Buy

This Case Logic Chromebook sleeve is so popular for a reason: it is simple and meets all the requirements for an ordinary, good sleeve.

The great thing is that this cover is available in many different sizes and colors, so that it fits almost every Chromebook, but is also available in a color that suits every taste.

Suitable for

  • 11 inch
  • 12 inch
  • 14 inch
  • 15 inch
  • 17 inch
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The Case Logic Huxton is a Chromebook cover that is also appreciated by many and already has almost 1000?! reviews.

On the outside there is another slanted zipper pocket so that you can store a number of accessories, such as a charger or a mouse.

Suitable for


Burkely Rain Riley (leather)

The Burkely Rain Riley is a leather cover, which immediately gives it a more classy appearance. In addition, this cover is water-repellent due to an extra layer that is applied to the leather.

We also find an extra compartment in this cover, for storing (small) accessories.

Suitable for

As you can see, there are several options for Chromebook sleeves and covers. If your favorite is not listed, or if you are still in doubt, below are a number of useful links from (web) stores that offer a Chromebook cover. Of course I will link you directly to the correct page!

There are also manufacturers that offer their own covers, such as HP. Mostly, however, I see that people get along just fine with other brands, so it definitely doesn’t have to be the same as the brand of your device.

In any case, I hope that with this information you can find a new, suitable cover or bag for your Chromebook.

Image: | ottogarcia, CC