This is how you watch the Windows 11 reveal live tomorrow

The Windows 11 reveal will take place on June 24. For anyone wanting to see the OS unveiling, check out how here.

Cortana still steadfastly denies, but all indications are that Microsoft will announce Windows 11 on June 24. Among other things, an early version of the operating system appeared online. Wallpapers also leaked out and we got an indication of the price of the operating system. In short, all that remains is for us to view the actual Windows 11 reveal. That’s how you do that.

Windows 11 reveal

Start this month Microsoft announced through a Tweet the unveiling event. The Tweet already reveals a lot (see the obvious Windows 11 logo above) and refers to the reveal page of the operating system. The unveiling will take place tomorrow afternoon at 17:00 Dutch time. The actual OS will probably be released for everyone sometime in October.

Microsoft has been hinting at the arrival of a brand new operating system for some time now. If we assume that all the leaks are nonsense and the leaked version of OS was made by a home tinkerer, it is still quite clear that the Windows 11 reveal is coming.

In the video above, the light coming through the window creates a bold ’11’. Microsoft’s presentation will take place at 11 a.m. (Easter Time). Microsoft even published a strange video showing the start-up sounds of all the old operating systems played in slow motion. And you guessed it, that video was exactly 11 minutes long.