This is how you can remove the MEGA download limit on Android

Unlimited download of MEGA on Android

MEGA is one of the best file download servers today for its high file transfer speed. However, it has a problem of which all users who use this service for free complain: the download limit.

MEGA only allows you to download around 5 GB per day if you don’t pay for a subscription, so if you exceed that limit you will have to wait hours to start downloading again. Fortunately, there is a simple method to remove that limit and resume your MEGA downloads from Android. Next, we present it to you.

What is the method and what applications are needed?

The method is to use a VPN to hide the IP address of your Android so that MEGA does not realize that you have reached the limit and let you keep downloading. Therefore, to perform this trick you will need two applications: a VPN and the official MEGA app.

Although this method also works to download MEGA files without having the app installed, we recommend use the official app for greater download stability. You can also use a free VPN app, but keep in mind that such VPNs limit download speeds. Anyway, if you don’t want to spend money, below we leave you a free VPN that you can use to remove the download limit, as well as the download link of the official MEGA application.

Speedify - The VPN for Live Streaming


How to download MEGA without limits on Android

How to remove MEGA download limit on Android

When the MEGA app stops downloading and shows you a message that says “Transfer fee exhausted”, it’s time to remove the MEGA download limit as follows:

  • Close the MEGA application completely, accessing Settings> Applications> MEGA and clicking on Force stop.
  • Open your chosen VPN app and activate it. You must press on Accept when the window that asks if you want to configure a VPN connection appears.
  • Open the MEGA app and add the download link again to start downloading the file from the beginning.

That’s how easy you can download how many files you want from MEGA without worrying about download limits. Remember that if you want to take advantage of the maximum download speed of MEGA, you must use a paid VPN that does not limit the speed.