This iconic image is different for the first time in Windows 11

Windows 11 BSOD

Microsoft is breaking with tradition when it comes to the BSOD in Windows 11. That abbreviation stands for Blue Screen of Death.

Problems with Windows? We’ve all dealt with it at one time or another. Too bad. In some cases you will then see a screen with the message that an error has been detected by the system. This is called a Blue Screen of Death, or BSOD. The BSOD is different in Windows 11.

The text and icon have remained the same. However, you can omit the blue. Microsoft has chosen to change the screen to a black color. The abbreviation will not change. Blue and Black always start with a B. Which is nice, because if you want to search for problems on Google in the future, having a well-known term is a bit easier to work with.

The BSOD has been around for generations of Windows and also in version 11 this is the display for error messages of the party. The last change to the notification dates back to 2016, when QR codes were added to the display. In addition, the screen got a sad smiley in 2012, to make it a bit more light-hearted.

It is not known why Microsoft changed BSOD from blue to black in Windows 11. After all, the theme around Windows 11 is not black. Change for the sake of change maybe? (via The Verge)