These Windows 11 Downloads Wreck Your Computer

These Windows 11 Downloads Wreck Your Computer

Windows 11 is almost out and many people want to download the program in preview version. Be careful with this, not all downloads are real and destroy your computer.

Quickly download Windows 11 for a good price, many people want that. Or better yet, do it for free. This usually has to be done outside the official channels. That’s not a good idea, because antivirus company Kaspersky discovered hundreds of alleged Windows 11 installation files online. These can actually install malware on your system.

Windows 11 downloads that wreck your computer

You really don’t have to download anything. Well, this is possible. But then you have to sign up for the Windows Insider program. Then Windows 11 comes in as an update. You then only need to download the program in the usual way. You don’t have to do much for this, almost everything happens automatically. So you cannot download the new program separately from a website.


Still, many people already want to download Windows 11 in other ways. Or at least they think they can. This is because cyber criminals are clever in responding to this, according to the antivirus company. These crooks distribute setup files all over the internet. These files appear to contain Windows 11, but they actually contain viruses that are placed on your computer. As an example, the company shows a so-called ‘download manager’ for Windows 11. This would also ‘activate’ the operating system. What it actually does is install rogue software.

Image via Kaspersky

These rogue software are programs that you really do not want. So be careful and don’t fall for it! The software may contain Trojan viruses that can block your computer or malware that steals your passwords. So don’t look for ‘other’ ways to download the operating system. Do this (for now) only through Microsoft itself.