These are the best read Android Planet columns of 2021

Every Saturday you start the day with a new column on Anroid Planet. These columns are best read in 2021.

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Best read columns of 2021

Every Saturday morning you can read a new column on Android Planet. These columns give a glimpse into the life of a smartphone user with a wealth of opinions and observations. We’ll put the best-read columns of 2021 in a row, so you can read for a while before the new year begins.

8. ‘Ding dong’ and your face is stored in China

I used to say in my column that I want to make my new house smart and that’s pretty nice. The latest step was to add a smart doorbell. I used the doorbell of the previous resident before, because the thing did its job well. When you press the button outside, a sound goes off inside, so I know I need to open the door. Not much can go wrong there, can it? Read on.

The ‘app’ in messages starts to show its cracks

Since I moved and caregivers can finally reach my home, I have not entered the supermarket. That started with the pandemic. I was annoyed by people who did not adhere to the measures in the supermarket. That was before we wore mouth caps and people just coughed over the apples. Read on.

6. Have you been seduced by the Pixar filter?

It’s almost like you’ve seen photos or videos of people last week resembling characters from a Disney animated film. Mainly on TikTok and Instagram, the filter controls the moods. Read on.

5. Do not trust qr codes too much

This summer, the qr code is more important than ever. If you want to go abroad, you can show via a qr code on your smartphone whether you have been vaccinated or tested. If you walk on a terrace, the first thing you see is a qr code that sends you to a page with information about the guidelines around coronavirus. Sometimes you even have to order through such a code. Read on.

4. You do not share such videos via WhatsApp

On July 6, Peter R. de Vries was shot down. That’s scary for many different reasons and because it’s a familiar name, everyone has an opinion on it. In the hours after the event, social media exploded in a predictable way. Particularly embarrassing are the people who approach such an event to score likes and retweets. They post whimsical news, often without checking if it’s real. Spread sensational fake news to become popular. Read on.

Watch out for the innocent-looking Duolingo owl

It’s tingling every time I go abroad: I want to learn more about the language. Then you get to Duolingo quickly today. The app is by no means the best or most efficient way to learn a language, but as far as I am concerned, it is the most accessible. Read on.

You probably do not need a smartwatch

If you have an iPhone and want a smartwatch, the choice is easy: you buy an Apple Watch. This works well and every year a new version is released. As an Android user, the choice is not so easy. If you use a Samsung, you’ll probably take a Galaxy Watch, but you can also go for a Fossil, Garmin, Fitbit or another brand. Read on.

1. When calling through the speaker of the smartphone in your hand

This is my first summer with a garden and then you suddenly live a lot closer to your neighbors. Then there is also something more noticeable. Like people who call their cats in several minutes several times a day, because little Marietje apparently does not really jump on her own when she is pulling. Read on.

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