These are the 6 best Android games of 2021

In 2021, stacks of new games will be placed in the Play Store. As far as we are concerned, these are the six very best games of the year.

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Best Android Games 2021: Puzzles, Murder and Adventure

Countless new games are added to the Play Store every year. It is then difficult to fish the pearls out. That’s why we do it for you. These are, as far as we are concerned, the six best Android games of 2021.

1. Baba is You

There is no shortage of puzzle games on Android, but we have never encountered such a clever puzzle game. In Baba is You you can not only move the puzzle pieces, but also adjust the rules of the whole puzzle.

The rules are literally written in pictures. For example, it says ‘Baba is you’, because you are the creature Baba. It says “Wall is stopped” because you can not walk through a wall. But what if you remove the word ‘stop’ and still get through the wall? What if you change what the purpose of the whole puzzle is? Or who are you?

Of course, this concept is constantly being expanded, which constantly challenges you mentally to think literally out of the box.

Baba Is You - Mobile release trailer
Baba Is You

2. Overboard!

The makers of 80 Days have a new hit: Overboard! This game takes place on a ship in the thirties, where a murder is committed. It’s not up to you to solve this murder, because you already know who did it.

You play the game this time from the point of view of the killer: an actress who has pushed her husband over the railing. Now it’s your goal to escape. Among other things, by inventing an alibi for yourself and making other travelers suspicious. You must do that before the ship arrives in New York. Does it not work? Then the game just starts again and you can make other choices with new information.

Overboard!  Launch Trailer

3. Marvel Future Revolution

Marvel lovers are well entertained. With movies in the cinema, series on Disney Plus and nowadays also a lot of games. One of the more fun games is Marvel Future Revolution.

The game, like the current movies and series in the multiverse, dives, merging different versions of the earth to create different versions of famous villains everywhere. Fortunately, there are also variations of beloved heroes of the party. The game throws you directly into the action, with fine fighting that utilizes the powers of each hero.

Launch Trailer of MARVEL Future Revolution
MARVEL Future Revolution

MARVEL Future Revolution


4. Sixit

Sixit is also a puzzle game, but has its own rules that you can not change. In this world you can only do six actions at a time. Then you start again. Six sounds small, but despite that limitation, you can do more than you think.

You control Pep, an animal that ends up in a village full of animals. They’re afraid of a storm, but it can be stopped by a sleeping dragon. To reach the dragon, you must first solve the problems of the villagers. You have various tools for this, such as wings or an ax. Choose the right tools and try them out with all the villagers and obstacles. A wonderful game, full of humor and full of charm.

Sixit Trailer: Out Now on PC & Mobile

5. Unruly Heroes

The makers of this game have previously worked with game maker Ubisoft on Rayman and Assassin’s Creed, among others. You notice that in everything. From the style, to the finish. The game is based on the Chinese story Journey to the West. You take control of four different characters in a 2D platformer full of action.

You must use the powers of each character to defeat not only the difficult obstacles, but also the enemies and bosses. The makers have a lot of cool ideas to keep the game captivating and everything looks great again.

Unruly Heroes Mobile - Launch Trailer
Unruly Heroes

Unruly Heroes

Perfect Game Speed

6. RuneScape

Twenty years ago, three brothers made a game that over the years has grown into one of the most popular MMOs ever. The full game is now playable on Android, with all quests and locations. PC players can therefore simply switch to this version and continue where they left off. Impressive!

RuneScape - Out Now on Mobile!
RuneScape - Fantasy MMORPG

RuneScape – Fantasy MMORPG

Jagex Games Studio

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