These are our 5 best viewed videos of 2021

We upload a new video to YouTube every week, and one gets more views than the other. In this overview you will find our five best viewed videos of 2021.

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The best viewed Android Planet videos of 2021

Also last year, a brand new video appeared on our website every week. With a small team of editors and our regular videographer, we provide you with fresh content every week.

Of course, we create video reviews of the latest devices and other gadgets. Tips, charts or videos on other topics such as Android Auto or 5G, for example, are also regularly reviewed. In this article you will find the most watched videos neatly in a row.

1. Review Android Auto

Android Auto is and will remain popular and that was the case again in 2021. The two videos with the most views are therefore about the operating system in the car. Our review of Android Auto has been viewed 47,000 times.

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Android Auto in 2021 review: you can do this with the operating system on the go

2. Download, install and use Android Auto

That did not stop there, because one of our other Android Auto videos was also well watched. Our story in which we explain how to download, install and use it attracted no less than 44,000 views.

Download, install and use Android Auto: this is how you do it!

3. Google Nest Hub review (2nd gen)

In third place with over 35,000 views is our review of the Google Nest Hub. You use this smart screen to fall asleep or just wake up, listen to music, ask questions to the Google Assistant and much more.

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4. Create Qr code CoronaCheck

One of our tip videos garnered over 25,000 views. We’re talking about the video in which we explain how to create a qr code with CoronaCheck. The accompanying article is also one of our most popular tips from last year.

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Tip: to create a qr code using the CoronaCheck app

5. Samsung Galaxy A52 review

We close the top five with our review of the Samsung Galaxy A52. The predecessors of this device (Galaxy A50 and A51) have always been very popular and with this smartphone it is no different. Our whole story about this device therefore achieved a small 15,000 views.

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Samsung Galaxy A52 review: Samsung's new sales hit?

More popular videos and check us out in 2022

As I said, there were many more videos that you watched well. Of course, the Samsung Galaxy S21 review also achieved thousands of views and the same goes for the Galaxy A72 review. Other popular videos included the Android 12 video, wifi calls, our Oppo Reno 6 preview and of course all about sms spam.

Of course, we will also continue to publish new videos in 2022. So follow Android Planet on YouTube and of course turn on the bell. This way, you will immediately receive a notification when we have put a video online. On behalf of the (video) team of Android Planet thanks for watching and until 2022!