These are our 5 best read Android Planet tips of 2021

Now that the year is almost over, it seems Android Planet back to the five best read tips published on our website in 2021. You can read them in this article, often with the accompanying video for those who prefer watching.

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The best read tips of 2021 in a row

Every year the editors of Android Planet dozens of tips on a variety of topics. Of course, one article scores better than the other, with some outliers. Do you recommend the five best read tips of 2021?

1. Create CoronaCheck qr code

2021 was marked by corona and this can also be seen in the popularity of corona related tips. By far the best read tip Android Planet in 2021 is that of Michel on how to create a CoronaCheck qr code. With the app you create a qr code that gives you access to catering, events and your holiday destination.

For those who prefer watching, Colin has made a video explaining how to generate a qr code in the CoronaCheck app.

Tip: to create a qr code using the CoronaCheck app

2. Add CoronaCheck booster dot

After the initial vaccination, the government started a campaign for the boost. And you can also add that vaccination in the CoronaCheck app. Of course has Android Planet also made a tip about it.

Colin explains how to add your booster dot in the CoronaCheck app. An article published in the last week of 2021, but in a few days attracted so many visitors that it has become the second best read of the year.

This is how you call (once) anonymously

Thirdly, no corona tip, but a less time-consuming explanation. Colin tells you in this article how to call (once) anonymously with your Android smartphone. Colleague Lars has made a video for those who prefer watching.

Calling anonymously is sometimes very nice, especially if you do not want your caller to see your number. Below you can see the video tip.

Do you want to call (once) anonymously?  This is how you easily set it up on your own device

4. Turn on the Google Maps Speedometer

Also popular this year was Michel’s tip on how to turn on the Google Maps Speedometer. That speedometer in the Android app can even save you a fine. Strangely enough, the feature is off by default, so in the article you will find a short step-by-step plan to turn it on.

5. Hidden Google Maps features that make your trip easier

Finally, a Google Maps tip, or even five. During the summer holidays, Erwin put five hidden Google Maps features in a row that make your trip in the Netherlands or abroad easier. For example, you can read how to store your parking space in an unknown city or nature area.

More end-of-year lists

Are you curious about more end-of-year lists of Android Planet? In this article, we’ll put together our 5 best viewed videos of 2021. The editors also put together their favorite smartphones of the year. For example, Wouter explains why the OnePlus Nord 2 is his favorite device, Colin writes about the Google Pixel 6 Pro and enters Rens on the Google Pixel 6.