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Unbridle Youtube videos when we are at home Free, is it really possible? Yes, thanks to a Youtube video premium link generator created by rAthur & NoEx! As a reminder, but you are surely already aware: the loading of Youtube videos with Free is slow, even very slow… We are often obliged to switch to 360p or 240p to be able to watch a video correctly, to the detriment of the visual quality. After trying a lot of methods, I suggest The solution which works of thunder: a script to install on Firefox or Chrome to finally unbridle and speed up Youtube videos at Free !

The solution consists of installing the FreeTube script on your internet browser. It’s a Youtube video premium link generator devilishly effective! The result for me is striking, I assure you: shock:

This method also works if you have another ISP like Orange, SFR or Bouygues Telecom. This is obviously not the only method that exists for speed up Youtube videos, you can for example install a VPN, use a proxy, etc. However, I find these methods much more complicated than the one I am offering you today.

To understand how FreeTube works, you can refer to the description of the script authors:

FreeTube runs when you are on Youtube to detect the playback of a video, it then removes the normal Youtube player to replace it with another player that plays the same video stream but via a network other than that of Free (via the VPN Proxfree), suddenly the flow is no longer restricted!

In addition to unbridle Youtube videos, FreeTube adds some nice features:

  • No more advertising
  • Compatible with Firefox, Chrome and Opera
  • Addition of a button “Repeat” to play a video in loop
  • Warning in case of script update
  • Possibility to choose the jailbreak server (useful for example to switch to another server when the French server is saturated)

Are you convinced? 😀 So follow this tutorial to install FreeTube on your browser and finally speed up the loading of Youtube videos.

Installation of FreeTube

Mozilla Firefox

To install scripts on Firefox, you must first install the extension Greasemonkey. To do this, go to the Greasemonkey installation page and click on Add to Firefox. A restart of the browser will be necessary to complete the installation.


Once Greasemonkey installed, you will see a small monkey head at the top right of Firefox. By clicking on it you can manage all the scripts you have installed.


Now install the script FreeTube. To do this, go to the FreeTube page, click on Install at the top right of the screen then confirm the installation of the script.


It’s good the script is installed, finished the slow videos on Youtube ! Go to the next section to learn how to use FreeTube.

Google chrome

For install FreeTube on Google chrome, you must first have the extension Tampermonkey. Go to the Tampermonkey installation page then click on the button Add to Chrome.


Once Tampermonkey installed, a new button appears at the top right of Chromium. By clicking on it you can manage all the scripts you have installed.


Now go to the FreeTube installation page. Click on Install at the top right of the screen then double confirm the installation of the script.


Check the correct installation of Freetube by clicking on the icon of Tampermonkey > Dashboard. Freetube should appear in your userscripts list.


It’s okay, the script FreeTube is installed in Chromium, you will be able play Youtube videos without slowing down ! Go to the next section to learn how to use FreeTube.

Using FreeTube to jailbreak Youtube videos

Start by going on Youtube to realize that a new menu appears at the top right of the screen. It contains the options of Freetube:

  • Activate / Deactivate FreeTube : allows to switch between the normal version of Youtube and the unbridled version FreeTube
  • OldMode : this mode avoids 200 errors on Google Chrome
  • Change the language : change the language of FreeTube
  • Change server : allows you to change the jailbreak server when the one we are on is saturated. For example, the French server is very often slowed down, we can then switch to the English server to have a better flow.


There is no configuration to do, FreeTube is ready to operate. Go on watch a Youtube video to see the changes.

The first thing you should notice is that the Youtube videos load much faster 😀 You also notice that the Youtube player has been replaced by that of FreeTube, which allows unbridle youtube videos. There are also some useful additions like a first set of links below the video to select the video quality that you are reading, as well as a second set of links to choose the default quality that you want for the next videos. A “Repeat” button has also been added allowing you to loop a video.


feel free to change server through the Menu > Change server if you notice, for example, that the French server is saturated.

The final wordFreeTube is for me the easiest solution for unbridle youtube videos with Free (or with any ISP). Many thanks to their authors: rAthur & NoEx. Do not hesitate to install this great script on Firefox Where Chromium, especially if you are at Free. Stop your research, you have finally found a solution to speed up Youtube videos :OK:

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