The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra may include an Auto Framing feature, which can record videos and automatically focus on moving objects.

Many people have probably seen renders of high-end, premium tablets like Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra have been together for some time and may feel a little bit that this tablet model has a Notch on the screen to irritate the eyes, why I don’t know why … which has recently leaked information that The fact that the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra has a notch on the screen like this is in order to include advanced features like Auto Framing. Now available only on the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip foldable phones.

What is the Auto Framing feature?

According to previously leaked information, Notch on the screen of this Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will have a total of 2 selfie cameras, a 12MP normal lens camera + 12MP Ultrawide camera, and from the latest leaks say that the tab This tablet will come with the Auto Framing feature that is also found on the Fold and Flip series mobile phones.

The feature uses the rear camera for video recording. It has the ability to automatically focus on moving subjects in the frame. You can also zoom in and out automatically. For example, use There are people dancing in the frame. It will zoom in to capture the image with a single focus on the person not to fall out of the frame. and if one more person walks in The camera will zoom out on its own to capture and focus clearly on two people in the same frame.

The Auto Framing feature doesn’t actually use panning, but instead takes a wide-angle and high-resolution video, and then crops the image to an area with moving subjects. Make the picture come out as if it was panning the camera back and forth.

The Auto Framing feature on the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip is normally only used with the rear camera. But according to the latest information, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will be able to use this feature with the front camera as well. This may be one of the reasons why Notch has to be placed on a dual 12MP camera for smoother cropping while capturing wider images.

And it’s not just the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip that feature Auto Framing, but tablets like the iPad Mini 6, iPad 9th Gen and iPad Pro (2021) have a feature called “Auto Framing”. Center Stage with similar abilities

We’ll just have to wait and see how awesome the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is to be the high-end Android tablet of 2022. And can it be a worthy competitor to the iPad family or not?

source: Sammobile