The Netherlands Museum uploaded a 717,000MP 5.6TB 717,000MP image of The Night Watch, zoomed in until cracks are visible.

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam National Museum (Rijksmuseum) uploaded.The Night Watch art For those interested can visit for free from the museum’s website. which such art images are not just FHD or 4K resolution image files … but it hasAn ultra-high resolution of 717000MP (not overprinted) and a gigantic 5.6TB file size. Can zoom in deeply until the fibers of the canvas can be seen.

The Night Watch is an oil painting on canvas by Dutch painter Rembrandt. Drawn in 1642, this painting is one of the collections of the Amsterdam Museum. and was exhibited at the Nokes Museum in Amsterdam netherlands The actual image is as large as 12 x 14 feet.

The Night Watch

The museum says it took 8,439 images to be scanned using a Hasselblad H6D 400 MS camera with 100MP resolution, and then used AI to check the light and color, according to the museum. and the clarity of each image in order to put together until it comes out as a single image with the highest resolution, so detailed that it is as if the page can be extended to look like a canvas

For the Night Watch image file such a resolution of up to 717 Gigapixel, or to hit a familiar unit, it is at 717,000MP and has a file size of 5.6TB Ever, Rijksmuseum claims this is the largest artwork image file. and the most detailed

If you try to look at the pictures of The Night Watch at the website we will be ableZoom in on the image as closely as possible until the cracks in the paint are visible. or even the fibers of the canvas (The mood is like zooming in on the map to see in Google Maps)

Source: Theverge, Rijksmuseum